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January Celebration Day 2: My Fixation On Hair

I have a problem. One that stems back to high school and has left a part of me ruined forever: my precious hair.

I was born into thick dark brown curly hair that eventually became a natural wave and looked rather fierce if left to do its thing. And by fierce, I mean like a couple of birds just created the perfect nest on top of my head.

During high school, I spent many years experimenting. Bangs, no bangs. Long hair, short hair. Black hair, red hair. After high school, when I was in the “real” world, I spent less time with the coloring and more time with the silver shears. Layers, pixie cuts, bobs, asymmetrical, more bangs, and more pictures of celebrities with the hair I thought I wanted.

I found a select few “perfect” haircuts in the past almost eight years now. But even these cuts couldn’t withstand my impatience and need to constant change with my hair. A dash of color, letting layers grow out, adding accessories… nothing prevented the inevitable from happening:

No haircut lasted more than six months.

Meaning since I graduated, I have had at least sixteen different haircuts/styles. And if I had a picture for each of those times that I walked into the salon, head held high and proud, excited to change and walked out wondering what the hell I just did, you’d find me silently weeping in the corner as it’s far too many for my liking.

I was convinced that would change as the wedding grew close. I believed that I would let my hair grow out. I believed that I’d walk down the aisle, hair curled and a solid replica of every bride magazine picture. I believed I would regain some of my sanity back.

But I was wrong.

Last Wednesday, I got the itch. It’s very noticeable for me when I get it. I do a double-take at pictures or even a woman with a haircut that I like. I ponder the idea of chopping mine off again. I search for accessories that accent shorter hair. I search for rubber-bands that remind me I can’t pull my hair back when it’s that short. And usually, I cave in to the cut.

One day of this and I caved, getting my hair chopped off on Thursday. I went for a cut I had gotten a little over a year ago and adored, the Victoria Beckham asymmetrical bob:

I absolutely love it and am crossing my fingers, along with my toes, that it sticks this time. I’m really pushing for this one so I’ve been buying accessories in a feeble attempt to prevent it from getting boring.

Where do you buy your hair accessories?

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