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January Celebration Day 3: I’m A Bit Artsy-Fartsy

I love crafty projects. I also love paper, and glitter, and stickers, and stamps, and my cricut, and hot glue, and the list goes on. Never-ending, really.

Unfortunately for me, I’m not made of gold and therefore cannot sell myself on the streets. Well, that and probably a dozen other reasons, but that has nothing to do with this post. Maybe another. But me not being super rich and famous leads to me residing in a duplex that will probably never have enough room for all of my glorious ideas to come to life in.

However, while it successfully squandered the idea for a while, I finally won with a moment of brilliance yesterday. In the last eighteen hours, I transformed my clothes closet and now close to 3/4 of it has been replaced with a dump truck from every craft store in a fifty mile radius. I am now the proud owner of a craft closet.


Our cat sniffed every nook and cranny in that closet as I pulled each thing out of the closet. After his stamp of approval, I pressed forward and finished what seemed to be like a week project.


And I am SO in love with it now. Giving up that space and shifting my wardrobe a bit was completely worth it. I want to spend all of my day in my bedroom closet, dumping glitter everything while I fart rainbows.

For anyone that looks at pictures like these and thinks it’s too hard, it’s not. Or if you think that it costs too much, it doesn’t. I didn’t go out and purchase anything for this transformation – everything was in our basement or scattered about with my crafts. However, when I did purchase it, 98% of it came from: rummage sales, 1cent deals at Office Depot around the start of school, freecyling, or IKEA. So really frickin’ cheap items.

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