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January Celebration Day 4: The Closest I Got To Leonard Hofstadter

The reward for patience. Or insanity. One of the two.

Back in September of 2009, I traveled to the City of Angels for the second time. Only this time was better, probably because I got engaged there. Or maybe it was that little gem pictured above. More than likely, it was the latter.

Nathan and I ventured into Burbank and went to our first television show taping during that trip, choosing to see our favorite show at the time and currently, the Big Bang Theory. We got there and stood in line in a parking garage, patiently waiting to be ushered in. Only instead of being ushered in, we were lead through what felt like a trek across the mountains through parking lots and Star Trailers and security. I’m convinced it was to ensure that the crazy stalkers of the group wouldn’t remember how to get to the stage if their life depended on it. Not me, of course. I’m less crazy, more stalker.

Eventually, we arrived at Stage 25 in the Warner Bros. crazy mess of sound-stages. And we stood some more. I stood there, anxious and excited, and holy crap, was I nervous. I wondered if I was going to miss the show. If they’d forgotten that I traveled from the middle of nowhere to see this damn show and while it was free, I better get more than my monies worth. I panicked as I realized I had little to write on, or with, and how in the world would I get an autograph when we met with invisible ink and paper?! In the midst of my internal meltdown that Nathan had no clue about until now (don’t you judge me, dear), I saw him. Johnny Galecki AKA Leonard Hofstadter right in front of me, within arms reach.

You may think that this is the climactic event of the story. But it’s not. You see, I kept my crazy in that moment. Most likely because I completely failed as a human being.  I forgot his name as soon as he appeared. I saw the glasses, the hair, the face and the nerdy clothes and my mind went blank. I couldn’t remember his character’s name, much less his real name. Luckily for me, and probably him, he was gone just as quickly as he appeared, with no time to sign autographs, but just enough time to wave to the adoring fans ever-so-patiently waiting to go inside.

Shortly after this, we were shooed inside and seated. We got to watch the previous episode that taped, despite the fact it hadn’t aired yet. I felt important. Here I was, watching the magic unfold, unedited and still perfect with a select group of people from around the world. You would have thought I was watching footage of an actual alien landing that the  government has had covered up for years. I never said I kept my crazy in past that moment outside of the stage, thanks.

The episode we watched tape, The Cornhusker Vortex, was simply fantastic. I got to watch more takes than I can count of Sheldon making Cylon toast, the boys shouting “Kites ho!”, and a Hello Kitty kite being given to Raj from Howard. (Those laughs? Those are MY laughs. ALL mine. Well, and whoever else was there. But that is not important.)

During the taping, we were fed pizza and given water. A comedian entertained the audience and ensured we laughed at the appropriate times. He also ensured we laughed the appropriate way. I desperately wanted to laugh uncontrollably, obnoxiously, and as loudly as I could at the most inappropriate times because of this. But I didn’t. I liked the show too much to be escorted out while my fiance got to watch it and I didn’t because I’m an annoying twat. He also threw candy and offered a chance to win $100, which no one won.

But most importantly? He offered three of those autographed pictures like the one above.

In order to receive one of these pictures, you had to be loud. You had to be loud and proud and obnoxious when appropriate. And I was not nearly loud or obnoxious enough to get it the first time. Or the second time. But the third time? The last time before we would be ushered out of the glorious stage? My crazy fangirldom won out and I, screaming like a banshee as I waved my arms about like they were made of jello, stomped down the stairs to retrieve my reward and did not fall on my face. What an accomplishment – both the picture AND maintaining balance.

I don’t know what happened after that, other than I’d worn myself out physically trying to obtain that photograph. And now it hangs on my living room wall, reminding me of just how insane I am.

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