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January Celebration Day 10: Meeting People Online

This past weekend, I met a long-time blogger friend that I had never even so much as spoken to on the telephone. I read about her life through her blog and saw pictures of her, and her family.  A massive amount of texts and emails were exchanged. Even cards and packages. But never once a phone call. We discussed this on the way to pick up dinner last night and I realized something: That was a first, even for me. I had never just up and met someone without even hearing their voice.

It led me to reflect back on all of the people I had met from online though. And what terrible decisions about 98% of them were. Most were relationships that have since crumbled and become bits and pieces of a mostly forgotten past. They’ve all shaped me in some way and eventually, made me a better person. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t make some pretty stupid mistakes.

Online dating wasn’t technically new to me when Nathan and I met. Using a matching website was, but the concept was still pretty much the same. After Nathan and I became more serious, the looks and responses we got from mentioning we met through EHarmony varied drastically. Some people were amazed that the other hadn’t turned out to be some hideous cleaver-slinging rapist. On the other hand, we were soon compared to the dozens of marriages that person had witnessed that happened because of some matching website. There were few that straddled that fence.

And it’s made me wonder: In this day and age, is it really that weird to never her the voice of someone you’re meeting? With how technology has changed so much, does a voice really change much? Would I have said “Well, her voice shouldn’t have sounded that way” and canceled a trip? I really doubt it. I just don’t feel that a voice would have made a difference.

Have you ever met anyone online? Would you do it (again if you already have)?

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