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January Celebration Day 12: My Fur Family

On days like today, when I’m sick of being sick and too tired to even try to remove my buttprint from the couch, these are the lovelies that can’t help but make me smile.


MEET COSMO (AKA: SIR) A black and white tuxedo cat who likes to eat my chips, drink water from my glass, and nestle himself as close to my lady parts as possible without crawling inside while I sleep. You can usually find him sunning himself on any surface that’s remotely stable, under our bed, or on our kitchen table next to his skull food bowl. Rescued from the local humane society after an older woman returned him, saying he was too playful.

Also goes by: Sir3PO, Siropotamus, Jerk, and pretty much anything that isn’t his actual name.

MEET MEG (AKA: MEGARINA) A beagle-coonhound mix who likes 24/7 attention, to buck the trend of being a real dog by hating toys and not knowing any tricks, and car rides. She can usually be found sleeping on our bed, sleeping on our couch, or whatever room we are in. Received from my sister and ex-husband during the midst of their divorce.

Also goes by: Megory, Meggy. Pretty sure she would come to the names “car ride” and “walk” if you called her those, too.

MEET BUN-BUN (AKA: BUNZILLA) A dwarf rabbit who likes raisins and bananas, making racetracks out of cardboard boxes, and doing occasional flips in the air when we least expect it. Purchased from a pet store.

Also goes by: Bun, Buninator, Bun2D2.

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