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January Celebration Day 13: Thursday Thrift

Due to my love of thrift stores and clearance racks, I bring you Thursday Thrift!

The Basics:

I’ll show off some of my amazing finds and give you the opportunity to show off yours every Thursday. Pretty simple, huh?

The Rundown:

Items posted do not have to be from a thrift store, but bonus points if they are. Obviously, bonus points are crucial, by the way.

Found a scarf 75% off at Target? Shoes that were $5 at Goodwill? Post it! Whatever you think was an awesome bargain goes!

Post your finds, link back to the Thursday Thrift, submit your post so I can check it out and viola – you’re finished!

{ This Week’s Finds }


Coat: Goodwill $14.99

Scarf: Claire’s $4.50


Pants: Old Navy $4.50


Shoes: Goodwill $3.98


I Do Photo Flip: Goodwill $1.99

Song & Music Plaque: Goodwill $1.99 (Brand New, $9.99)

So tell me, what did YOU find this week?

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