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The Truth Behind My Wedding Dress

When Nathan and I started planning our wedding, we sat down and looked at the budget first. I found percentages for each portion of the wedding and reception, created a spreadsheet, and then had a heart attack.

Per my calculations, and the dozens of websites I’d reviewed, our percentage for attire should be between 10-15% of our total budget. Now, I knew wedding dresses were expensive. And I knew I’d need shoes. And that a Storm Trooper shirt would not be sufficient for walking down the aisle. And that my skin was not nearly perfect enough to go au natural. And that he may want shoes, too.

But I didn’t anticipate spending $500+ on a dress that I was pretty sure would find a happier home during a Trash The Dress session. So I scoured the Internet and read hundreds of horror stories about buying cheap dresses from David’s Bridal. And dresses falling apart after purchase. And women biting each other over dresses. Okay, the last one may be untrue, BUT I’m sure it has happened.

Then you know what I did? I lost my big girl panties and cried over it. You may think that it’s entirely logical for a lady to cry over the wedding dress predicament, but in this instance? It wasn’t. For dozens more reasons than the one I’m about to tell you.

The reality of the situation was that I already had a dress. A perfect dress, even.

The story goes something like this: I had purchased a dress for Halloween from Goodwill to use as a Halloween costume. We were going to go camping over Halloween weekend and my intent was to dress up like a a classy, elegant zombie lady. It was going to be stellar. Only it never happened. Wisconsin weather won out and we never went camping that weekend. I also never zombiefied the dress. So it sat, collecting fur in my closet.

I couldn’t bring myself to parting with it. Or ruining it with my original intentions either. The secret slipped out and all of a sudden, even before we were engaged, Nathan knew. He knew I wanted to get married and he also knew that the $25 dress I had found was making me just a tad bit more crazy about the idea.

What I didn’t mention before was that the dress was a wedding dress. And it was also in perfect condition. Flawless. Well, other than the fact that the original wearer had a chest about 2x the size of mine. And that it was almost identical to ones I had ogled over when planning my so-called picture perfect wedding.

So I found my big girl panties again, wiped the snot from my nose, and stood proudly, deciding that the $25 dress that someone possibly had sex in or did other unmentionable things in would be my wedding dress. And while Nathan didn’t find the matching tuxedo that was used for such lascivious acts, he skipped the whole tuxedo idea and our overall attire percentage was about 2%.

Too bad the rest isn’t as cheap and easy.

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