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Nipples, Weddings, Cable TV, and Design – What Else?

You asked and now I’m answering! One way to enter the giveaway I’m currently hosting was to ask questions for me to answer. In an effort to not end up with a novel at the end of the month, I figured I would answer some now.

P.S This post is not for those easily offended or grossed out or opposed to my twisted sense of humor. My entire blog really isn’t, but this post especially. No saying you haven’t been warned.

Why do men have nipples?

In an effort to not give away any of the book, I’ll go with the second most logical answer. They have nipples so women can give them purple nurples. Otherwise there is truly no need for them.

Why did you first decide to become a vegetarian?

This coming February will mark 8 years of being a vegetarian and my reasons haven’t changed really. For some reason, I had an issue with seeing chickens get their beaks cut off and cows being tasered and pigs stuffed full of steroids. And I got kicked by a cow once. I figured it was karma and since I live in Wisconsin, getting kicked by a cow again was pretty likely.

What show do you miss the most now that you canceled your cable?

I miss True Blood. Oh man, do I miss that show. But that’s not because I canceled cable. It’s because it’s not really on right now. Pretty much all shows I watched on cable, I can watch online. Other than stupid HBO shows, which are probably the most addicting.

What has been the most difficult thing so far about the journey to self-employment?

Not having a set of directions or someone I can tell “I think this is stupid – change it or else I walk.” Because A) I would have to create said directions which is completely ridiculous. And B) If it’s stupid, I did it. And if I’m walking, I’m walking out… my door? On myself? Yeah, that sounds even more ridiculous.

What was the scariest thing about choosing self-employment?

The scariest thing is not having that safety net from working for the man. If the business crumbles, it’s probably my fault. And if I don’t get a paycheck one week, there’s no one saying “Oops – we screwed up the paperwork and it’ll be in next week’s check.” It’s all on me and despite my mad skills, sometimes I’m not perfect.

What is the most exciting thing about choosing self-employment?

Much much more difficult to answer this one because so far, it’s been AMAZING. But some of the highlights: wearing pajamas more often than not, not having to go out when it’s cold, being able to pee whenever I want to (this? this is a big deal.), and spending too much time on the Internet and blogging.

What are the top 5 songs on your wedding day playlist?

Okay, here’s a little tip about me: my likes are like a revolving door. They never really go away – they just keep rotating and squishing more and more things in until it’s full and life stops. My life has yet to stop though. So here are five of my favorite songs for the reception:

  • Train – Marry Me
  • Michael Franti and Spearhead – Say Hey (I Love You)
  • Jason Mraz – I’m Yours
  • Dave Matthews – You and Me
  • Paramore – The Only Exception
  • Tim McGraw – Live Like You Were Dying
  • Adam Sandler – I Wanna Grow Old With You

Yeah, that’s seven. So what?

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

You mean other than what feels like endless hours of work for negative results at times? Just kidding, kind of. I’ve met some really awesome people, even offline, so that’s pretty cool. I love learning about people and seeing the things they do, or the things they make. Whenever I need inspiration, I know where to go. And whenever I lose my big girl panties, I know where to go to find them.

Do you do all your web design?

I sure do. I’m crafty like that. In February, I’ll be “relaunching” After Nine To Five with a brand new layout I’m working on and offering up my skillz to everyone. Along with some other pretty badass things so keep an eye out! Or two eyes if you’re feeling extra-excited.

That’s all, folks! I’ll answer more next week, but keep them coming!

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