Archives for January 21, 2011

Some Days Life Just Isn’t Meant To Work

From time to time I wake up and immediately think the day will be horrid. Sometimes I’m wrong, usually I’m right. Today was not one of those days. Today was one of those days that I woke up in a delightful mood, from my food induced coma, and thought to myself “It’s Friday. It’s going to be a good day.”

And while tonight has a shot at fulfilling those dreams, the day so far has crushed my soul.

Our dishwasher has been leaking so we had a nice bowl under it to catch the water. It overflowed and the nastiness of food remnants found its way out from under the sink to my kitchen floor. And my griddle. And my shoes. And my pants.

I stepped on our cat by accident when trying to dodge the salmon colored sludge seeping out of our cupboards who in turn bit me.

In order to change my major, I had to speak to four people, only for the last one to just tell me she would email me the form I already had.

Our new laptop decided that no matter how many times I click “remember my password” for every site I frequently use, it wasn’t going to happen. And that it was necessary to turn off wireless capability. (Why is that feature even necessary!?)

A new program I purchased for designing decided it wouldn’t understand the concept of saving.

And a teeny, tiny crazy jumping spider found our couch. And then me.

{ BUT TONIGHT . . . }

Tonight will be spent doing this:

Going to see The Dilemma

Eating dinner at Moe’s

And then going to see the top 5 from the latest Last Comic Standing do stand-up

So I hope that your day is as good as my evening sounds and nothing at all like my day.

Happy Friday everyone!