Archives for January 26, 2011

Changing Things Up A Bit

My goal when I attempted the January Celebration posts where I post every day this month was to learn something from it. Even if it was simply that I never ever wanted to do something that ridiculous again. And despite the fact that this month isn’t over, I think I learned what I needed to.

I find myself reading a lot of DIY blogs, such as Crafted Love which I adore even more now that she’s making my wedding day hair flowers, and wishing I would get back into my DIY projects. Wishing I would post the lovely tutorials to show off my creative skills. Wishing I would incorporate something that I love so dearly into my life more.

Yet at the same time, I read humorous blogs, such as Darling Stewie, and pull for myself to really let go of what’s holding me back from letting lose like when I posted “Who Would Find My Porn Stash?” That’s me. The ridiculous thoughts and inappropriateness is me.

And along with that, I love checking out No Model Lady’s blog with her All Dressed Up Wednesdays (psst, it’s going on today and she’s just as lovely as usual), but end up asking myself “Why are you not doing this?” I’ve found a bit too much comfort in sweatpants and sweatshirts over the past couple of months. I have a ton of beautiful clothes, just aching to be worn and photographed. I’m sure my hair and makeup would probably come out of the closet if I didn’t look like a scrub every day, too.

On top of all these things that I just wish I did more, I have things that I do cover, but without my usual style and flair. There’s so many blogs I read that seem like they have everything together. Whether it’s the content, or the readers, or all of the above. And I just feel like I’m constantly one, two, or even three steps behind. And I’m really, really tired of that feeling.

All of that to just get to my initial point, huh? Put a muzzle on it, already.

After Nine To Five is going to get a tiny face-lift in February to encompass all of these things. Although posts may not be every day (because honestly? this shit is hard work.), but my blog will consist of the following:

  • More of my snark, wit, and humor about my life, and well, probably everything else
  • More of my thrift finds, bringing back Thursday Thrift as a weekly post
  • My DIY and craft projects that won’t fall under the new wedding project
  • Coverage of my wedding planning that I seem to forget to talk about every day
  • And more food posts. Because that just makes sense.

Most of my thoughts on relationships that I’ve left out of this blog will be headed over to the new project launching in February, Love Without Training Wheels. I am still looking for a few more writers for this so please check out this post or send me an email at (Or, if you’re one of the people who got information and hasn’t sent me back the information, do it! Stop procrastinating. You know you want to be a part of this.)