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February Goals Recap

Back in the beginning of February, I created a rather lengthy list of goals. Truth be told, I didn’t meet all of them, but it was still a pretty massive month for me.

Personal Goals: I wanted to finish a book, take more time for myself & learn all of my camera functions. A book was never even picked up. And I got a whole new camera to learn all of the functions of. And taking more time for myself meant discovering what feels like 100 other projects I want to take on.

Obviously, that doesn’t really spell success, but I’m content with where I stand in this area.

Blogging Goals: I wanted to get myself out there, post more pictures, and find a few guest posts to do. I’ll be advertising on a lot of blogs in March, I have a ton of guest posts coming up within the next month, and have found picture overload in some of my posts.

Complete success – hooray!

Etsy Goals: I wanted to really understand the ins & outs of Etsy and really boost my categories. I had spent enough time on Etsy to call myself a master until about a week ago when they decided to flip everything around. Now I click on all of the wrong things. And my categories fell short, somewhat intentionally. Over the week, I discussed my shop at length and mentioned the additions will slow down until after the wedding.

Overall, mostly a success with a few bumps in the road.

Wedding Goals: I wanted to get all my ducks in a row for the wedding and for the most part, we did. However, the invitations are not being mailed until middle of March. Which was mostly by choice, partly by default when I had a mini-meltdown over having too much to do.

I’m going to just go ahead and say success because I didn’t bite anyone’s head out last month over it.

How did February go for you?

Exquisite Etsy Monday

Who is this for?

Exquisite Etsy Monday is for everyone, really! For those that want to expose their shops, those that want to expose someone else’s shops, and those that just like to watch everyone else expose their shops. But keep your minds out of the gutters, people.

What do you do?

List an Etsy shop, or multiple Etsy shop, that you think are worth checking out. Even if it’s your own! I’m on the lookout for new shop to browse {and probably buy from} all the time and I’d love to hear what you think is worth checking out.

What do I do?

Every Friday, I’ll post my favorite shop recommended to me from the previous week {starting next week} with on an Exquisite Etsy Monday {EEM} post that’s just begging for your ringing endorsements. Like I said: Simple, fun, easy, awesome.

Favorite shop from last week

Sandy a la Mode – I’ve actually been to Sandy’s shop before, as well as her blog, and well, both are fantastic. I love the hair clips & bows, especially the fact that she has quite a few that match the colors of my blog, like this one. Everyone should definitely check her stuff out – it’s super cute and incredibly affordable.


P.S: Want to save 20% off at my shop? Or win one of my necklaces? Check out Vicki’s Blogiversary!

Design Work: Unladylike Behavior


If you haven’t been over to that blog yet, you are missing out.

Amber’s blog is truly fantastic. She has a great sense of humor and has no problem poking fun at herself. She’s not girly and incredibly down to Earth. So when she asked me to do some work for her, I was super excited! You can see some of my work on her blog, including that lovely little button up there. :]

Remember – if you need some design work done at affordable prices, you can find my work here. I’ll be expanding my work into using the photographs I’ll be able to take now that I have a fantastic camera shortly.

Don’t forget – Thursday is the last day that you can submit a last name!

Oh, It’s Still Winter?

Road trips in Wisconsin during winter suck.

Yesterday we ventured down to Milwaukee to visit Nathan’s family. It snowed on the way down. And it snowed even more on the way back home. And somehow, from our roaring heatwave of reaching the mid 30s a couple of weeks ago, I forgot it was still cold during winter. I quickly realized flats and leggings that reach just past my shins aren’t winter weather appropriate.

We went to the Milwaukee Public Museum where we saw the Mummy exhibit & got to go into the butterfly wing where I proceeded to sweat like a pig as we tried desperately to photograph a butterfly in flight.


Before Nine To Five: Current Status


On Monday, I mentioned this lovely new feature would be starting up with where I am at right now. I’ll discuss my current income status, what I’m pursuing, and where I’m hoping it will go from here. Next week, I’ll talk about before I made the leap, including the straw that broke the camel’s back and the preparation I did before it became real.


I am 100% self-employed. Boy does it feel good to say that!

However, that doesn’t mean that I’m at the place I need to be for me to continue being self-employed. I earn a very part-time income at the moment. Currently, my income comes from the following sources:

So essentially, anything you purchase from me (other than sponsorships, which are 100% full-circle) goes towards my income. Which is incredibly important to me when it comes to my work. Pursuing what I love has always been a dream of mine so I’m not about to throw it away by not putting 120% into everything I make and do for people.

Over the next month, my shop additions will probably be a bit slower while I’m finishing my wedding plans and taking Indie Business 3.0 that was mentioned in this post. Nathan and I both agreed that truly pursuing my dream would not be possible until after the wedding anyway. Come May, I’ll be taking what knowledge I’ve gained from the course and the experience I have before the wedding to truly iron out the ideal shop details.

Along with that, I’ll be selling my work at a local Farmer’s Market this summer and taking part in a local fundraiser event for women who are unable to pay for certain medical bills by donating some of my work. My goal with these two adventures is to gain some decent exposure offline and to spread my wings a bit.

Outside my desk work & Etsy

I have a couple of upcoming blogging projects that I am SO excited about and truly cannot wait to share with all of you. One will be launched by the end of May at the latest. Watch for discount codes in April for pre-orders. As usual, I’ll definitely be giving some away as well. :] The others will be dependent on the first projects time and completion date.

I’m also pursuing a degree in Marketing {hence the extra student loan money} which will eventually be put to use for consulting.

So, as you can see, my eggs are definitely not all in one basket. This works for me. I love being busy and constantly having something new to focus on. If one thing is slow, another one tends to pick up. Sometimes everything is slow and I remember how to breathe for a while. But more often than not, I’m blissfully busy and rarely truly have time to kill {but I find plenty of ways, like Twitter, to do so anyway.}

P.S Thank you SO much for all for all of the guest blog offers!
I’ll be in touch with all of you next week sometime to let you know what I need.

Review: Love Notes

Some of the links contained within this post will take you to a site that is adult in nature. This post may not be SFW as well. I did not receive any form of cash for this review. This review was based on my own honest opinion(s). Other people have varying opinions.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Nathan and I spent a Saturday evening painting? Of course you do.

Within a couple of days of them being painted, they turned into something much more than a reminder of a fun night. Now they are our own personal mailboxes, filled with goofy notes, birthday cards, and whatever else we feel like putting in the others box. I was told no bills though. Which makes me want to stockpile the bills and put them in his, but I’ve been good so far.

But the thing I love the most that goes in these? Love Notes. No, not the mushy sweet kind that should be there. We all know how awesome I am at writing those kind of notes. But instead these little love coupons from EdenFantasys.

There are some that are a little over the top for us. Like I don’t feel the need to be fed with Nathan’s fingers. Who knows where those hands have been. And I’m not nearly skilled enough to stare into his eyes for 60 seconds without sounding like this. That link is totally SFW and everyone needs to hear that. But overall? They are ridiculously fun.

Some of my favorites include getting to pick the movie when you go to the theater or gaining control of the remote for three hours. I also intend to use one to have Nathan write – and then sing – me a song in the near future. I see a trend that may lead me to hiding the coupons and using them for my own gain at this point.

Whether you’re looking for goofy things to make the other one do like I apparently am, or looking for some ways to add some cheesy romance into your relationship, the Love Notes from EdenFantasys are definitely worth the price. There’s 100 of them and they’re pretty easy to reuse so once you embarass the crap out of your significant other lovingly embrace your relationship, you can repeat the process all over again.

New Friend Friday


Who is this for?

New Friend Friday {NFF} is for everyone, really! For those that want to expose themselves, those that want to expose someone else, and those that just like to watch everyone else expose themselves. But keep your minds out of the gutters, people.

What do you do?

List a blog, or multiple blogs, that you think are worth a read. Even if it’s your own! I’m on the lookout for new blogs to read all the time and I’d love to hear what you think is worth checking out.

What do I do?

Every Friday, I’ll post my favorite blog recommended to me from the previous week on a New Friend Friday {NFF} post that’s just begging for your ringing endorsements. Like I said: Simple, fun, easy, awesome.

Favorite Blog From Last NFF

Deer Donna – Donna is really hard not to like for me. Her style is cute and I love her pictures. She blogs about crafts, life, and her journey to weight loss. Plus? She has the red hair I was so desperately attempting to get at one point.’

You could be next!

There’s No Place Like Home

Ever since I was a little girl, I was convinced I wouldn’t live the rest of my life in Wisconsin, especially in Green Bay. I was convinced that within weeks of graduating high school, I would move out of state and this state would be just a memory.

Shortly after graduating, I did move. To Appleton. A whole 35 minutes away from home.

Within a year, I moved back to Green Bay, only on the East side as opposed to the West side that I had spent most of my childhood and all of my teenage years living in. Within a year from that, I moved back to the West side, a whopping 5 minutes away from the house I grew up in.

4 years later, I’m still here.

After I visited Hollywood & Santa Monica the first time, I swore I would move there. After I visited the second time, my heart stayed behind, waiting for me to make the move to reunite with it. And while my hopes & dreams lie on the sunny beaches of that beautiful state, I can’t help but wonder:

Will I ever leave?

Green Bay has some things I truly dislike. Like the bitter cold temperatures and the snowy season that lasts for half of the year. The lack of things to do for someone that’s not fully enamored of beer, brats, and the Packers. The constant need for more (empty) strip malls, but lack of quality stores. The current absence (that’s slowly growing) of culture for the alternative crowd.

Yet at the same time, things I truly adore. I’m smack dab in the middle of two lovely areas: Door County, which is so beautiful in the Spring – Fall seasons and the Fox Cities, which has the culture I’m lacking up here. To make these places even better, both still have a drive in movie theater that I’m truly addicted to going to. Rush hour only adds an additional five minutes to my drive and I’m within 10 minutes of our mall & pretty much every store on the West side. They’re putting more effort into reinventing our culture, the downtown scene, and our river front every year. And there are some truly magical moments in this city.

Like when we were standing in Wal-Mart a few weeks ago, grocery shopping, and suddenly we were within a foot of Packers wide-receiver James Jones. Now, I’m not a huge football fan at all. And if I had to choose, the Packers would be my second favorite NFL team. But there was something truly special, being that close to someone of that status and watching them interact with kids who stared at him like he was they’re hero without acting like he was superior.

It’s moments like this, and the slowly blossoming city, that tug at my heart in a way that no fancy ocean-side community could. I’d like to say that if I won the lottery, I’d move to California in a heartbeat. But is that true? Would I leave my parents? The majority of my family that’s within five hours driving distance? The city I’ve come to equally love and hate with such a small town, yet big city feel?

I just don’t know.

If you have moved from your home town, do you regret it?
If you’ve yet to make the move, do you plan to?

– – – – –

P.S – My post is up on Love Without Training Wheels today!

Recently I’ve Joined . . .

A lot of fantastic things that I just want to share with everyone.

  • The Blog Love E-Course – Perfect for anyone that wants to improve their blog. Tons of tips, tricks, and ideas on what to do and what not to do to make your blog perfect for you & your readers. Some really easy things that have truly made a difference for me. Can be taken any time at your own pace. $32.
  • Indie Business 3.0 – Although this has yet to officially start, I already can tell it will be fantastic. I’ve already met some fantastic ladies from there and have already taken what I’ve seen so far and applied it to my Etsy shop. Perfect for those looking to improve on, or start up, an independent business of their own. Starts in March. $90.
  • 30 Days of Lists – Pretty self explanatory: Thirty days of lists about yourself with only 10-15 minutes a day necessary. The best part about it? It’s free! Unless you’d like their prompts ahead of time in a pretty pre-formatted design, then it’s a whole $3.00 {which, yes, I did want that and it’s well worth it!} I’m super excited to start compiling my lists! Starts March 1.
  • For The Love Of Blogs – A great community all around. In the few weeks I’ve been following, I’ve met some of the nicest ladies ever and continue to meet more every day it seems. Super easy to find similar bloggers, easy way to gain exposure, and a lot of prompts to help you have content pretty much every day of the week.
  • We Heart Shops – It’s rather new, but I absolutely love the idea behind it. A wonderful place for Etsy shops to get advertising from the same ladies that created For The Love Of Blogs. In the short time they have been around, I’ve already received sales from them. They work hard to make sure your shop gets some excellent exposure. My favorite part about it? A one-time fee of $25 pays for advertising for the lifetime of your shop. You cannot beat that.

That’s all for now! I hope someone can find something useful amongst this list. :]

If you’ve joined or take one of these, let me know!

I’d love to hear your input.

Guest Bloggers


For those of you that don’t know, I’m getting married in April. Yep, someone was crazy enough to actually ask me to marry them! And it’s no ordinary wedding. We’re getting married on the sands of Jamaica and I am SO excited!

However, this means I will be without the internet {for the most part, at least} for close to two weeks! And while I’m sunning myself on the sands of Negril, I would like you to take over for a bit!

I’m looking for a few things:

  • A couple of people to interview about
    • Their personal love story or
    • Their Etsy business
  • Tutorials or crafty posts
  • Recipe/food posts

These will be intertwined with a couple of scheduled posts from me as well! I appreciate anyone willing to help out so I promise this will be great exposure for everyone involved. Please leave your email address in the comments below and what you’d be interested in doing!