Guest Tutorial: How To Make a Scrapbook Page

I’m out of the country right now, getting married on the sands of Negril! I’ll be returning April 18th, but while I’m gone, I’ve asked some lovely ladies to help keep my blog filled with the usual awesomness found around these parts. So keep checking back for some interviews, recipes, and DIY tutorials while I’m gone!

Today’s post comes from Lauren – be sure to check out her blog and find her on Twitter!

How to Create a Simple Scrapbook Page

You will need:

The essentials
• Cardstock
• Photos
• Mementos

The essentials
For my page, I used photos and my invitation to the bridal shower. I coordinated my cardstock I used to match their wedding colors. Since their colors were black and white, I also used a blue that matched the shower invitation so the page had some more color.
Tacky glue
• Sicissors
• Paper trimmer (optional)
• Photo corners
Straight ruler.
• Glue stick
There are a TON of scrapbooking tools and supplies, but these are some must haves. The tacky glue is good for attaching just about any object you want to, but you may want to use a glue stick for attaching paper. When picking a paper trimmer, get one that has a slide out ruler. The one pictured doesn’t have one so while it’s fine for trimming photos, it’s not great for matting them. A ruler is helpful, but not necessary and photo corners are only necessary if you’re going to be using photos/papers that you want to be able to remove eventually.

• Stickers
• Stamps with acrylic block
• Markers
• Brads
• So much more!
Just like with the tools, scrapbooking embellishments are extremely abundant. If you are just starting out, don’t go overboard or you will be overwhelmed with supplies. Also if you have limited storage/work space for your scrapbooking, less supplies will be easier to work with. Brads are metal shapes that have “arms” that you poke through the paper and then spread to fasten them in place. Ribbon can be used in tons of ways, I used it to make a border. Markers are used for titles, descriptions, or journaling.
Making your page:

Trim photos

Start by trimming your photos/mementos to the size you want them or like in the picture, to remove something you don’t want. You may want to think about your layout before doing this, and trim some photos to the same dimensions depending on how they’re going to line up.


For mine, I made the left most items the same width and the bottom-right two the same sizes so that the page would look neater. If you’re brand new to scrapbooking you can stop here and just glue down your pictures and be done. You can add some stickers and write a title describing what the event is.

If you’re feeling ambitious you can keep going!

Added mattes

Here I’ve added mattes to my photos.  I also added a left over piece of the shower invitation under the bottom-right photos for some extra color.

How to make a matte:

  1. Measure your picture (you might want to write it down)
  2. Cut out rectangles that are 1/2 inch larger on either side for a 1/4 border or 1 inch larger for a 1/2 inch border.
  3. If you want to do a stripe like I did, just measure the width of the photos and use a piece of paper that’s the same size as your background paper.

Mine are all 1/2 inch borders except for the inner black matte for the main picture. I used two for that one to add dimension and to make it more prominent. If you are happy with your page you can glue your photos to your mattes and then lay them all out on the page, then glue them down.

Or you can keep embellishing!



To finish my page, I glued a piece of ribbon down the side of the vertical stripe, I stamped a title on an extra piece of card stock, added pearl stickers and stamped hearts in between the bottom-right photos, and affixed two heart-shaped brads to the title.



I know this is doesn’t really require instruction but here are some tips.

Cut out the paper you will stamp on first. For the title, I cut mine to the height of my main photo’s matte. I then used some of the very popular clear stamps. To use them you need an acrylic block to stick them to. If you get one with lines on it, you can line up your letters straighter. This kind of stamping is so popular because they don’t all have individual blocks so they take up less space, and you can see through them to where you’re stamping.

Coat with inks matching your page’s color scheme and stamp paper with a folded dish towel underneath. This will help the stamp to come out even.

I glued my title to my page and then stuck the brads through the corners to make it look like they’re what’s holding it in place. You may want to poke a hole where you want them with something razor/poker like (have something underneath to protect your work surface) to avoid bending your page. I believe there are tools specifically designed for this. I just put a piece of cardboard under my page and carefully made a small slice with a box-cutter where I wanted them.

Make sure everything is glued down or attached securely and when the page has dried, it’s ready to go into your album!

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