Day 140+

For over 140 days, I’ve blogged. At least once a day. Often two times. And occasionally, three.

It started out with a challenge in January to blog every day that month. And I did. With little effort. The longer it went on, the harder it was to stop. It’s exactly what happened when I became a vegetarian: I gave myself a time limit, except that time came and went and now going on nine years later, I’m still happy as could be that I don’t eat meat.

Every day when I was on my weddingmoon, I had at least one post scheduled. And every day that I’m sick, I still post. And every day that I’m too busy, or just wanting to stop thinking all day, I still post. And every day we do something fun, I bring my camera or a notebook to capture every moment, sometimes forgetting to just live in that moment.

And now I’m a bit lost. I don’t have blogger’s block. I haven’t run out of things to post about. I have all the right words, just waiting for the opportunity to come out. But I’m going to throw a lock on it and hide the key, at least for the weekend.

I want to step back and look at life without the pen and paper or camera in hand for a moment. Revive my lust for it and bring back all of those things I’m passionate about to this blog. I feel like I spend so much time trying to figure out the best words and moments for the blog that I forget that life is not meant to be picture (or word) perfect sometimes. But those are the moments that will stick with me.

So for the first time since last year (wow, that’s weird to say) After Nine To Five will have zero posts for two whole days. I KNOW! It’s life-changing. But I’m sure that just like when I quit Facebook, the world will not implode on itself. And everyone will be here when I return. And nothing will change, short of me *hopefully* being done with my cold and feeling a bit more refreshed.

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  1. Awesome! Do It! The blog is the embodiment of something that you do for you. So if taking a couple of days off from it is what feels right, do it! I've only just recently gotten back into posting regularly after posting sporadically for a few weeks while starting my new job. Just couldn't post…

    Crazy how our blogs impact our lives!

  2. Yes! You need to rest & get better! :) I hope this weekend is refreshing for you!

  3. It's interesting to see others feeling like this too – I had my epiphany a couple weeks ago. Mon-Wed-Fri – THAT'S IT! lol
    Rest up, buttercup :)

  4. I was just thinking that I can't wait to go away next weekend because I need to "disconnect". I'm so caught up in blogs, craftster, twitter, facebook, etc. I need to refresh myself and just live!

  5. That's super impressive, but I think you deserve a break! Enjoy your time "away"!

  6. Sometimes its hard and becomes overwhelming to post everyday. I was doing that for a while and realized that I had gotten burnt out. Suddenly blogging didn't mean so much anymore. Personally, I felt like my blog was lacking. Its great to step back and let the creative juices flow. I even let blog ideas sit for a day so I make sure its a post I'm really happy with. The world isn't going to end just because you didn't post. Although it does make me a little sad I do love reading your blog! ^.^

  7. I can't believe you post every day! I post almost every single weekday, but hardly ever on the weekends.
    Take a break, lady! And, feel better!

  8. you're inspiring me to post more – which is something i've been wanting to do.

    just found your blog – i love it!

  9. Enjoy the time off and get better hun! Hugs xxx

  10. I totally understand where you're coming from. I think it's really easy to get burned out on social media and taking a step away can definitely be beneficial. Best of luck!

  11. Just think of it as some R&R. Everyone needs a little break, and some of the best writers go on hiatus for months or years at a time! I think the blogging world will forgive you…



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