Why I Moved from Etsy To Big Cartel

I’ve been asked a couple of times why I moved from Etsy to Big Cartel, if I would recommend Big Cartel over Etsy, and some other very similar questions. I figured I would explain it all, my thoughts on both, and the pros/cons of each of them.


Pros of using Etsy:

  • The amount of support you receive with their guides/newsletters
  • Great for learning how to sell your work
  • No limit to how many products you can sell
  • The “other” form of payment which make gift certificates/giveaways very easy
  • Feedback to show a reputable seller
  • Little to no HTML knowledge necessary

Cons of using Etsy:

  • Lack of customization for shops & miniature header
  • Fees associated with each listing
  • Little personality is shown through each shop
  • A less professional feel for me, especially as I expand to selling outside of the Internet
  • Can feel more competitive than necessary

OVERALL: I am SO glad I started on Etsy. I learned a lot – and will continue to learn a lot – from all of their various resources. However, their fees can get excessive and I wanted to branch out further into branding myself.

Big Cartel

Pros of using Big Cartel:

  • Relatively easy to upload new layout designs/change colors for the shop
  • One time monthly fee – no transaction or listing fees
  • Easy for customers to use
  • Option to add various sizes/colors/variations in the same listing
  • Free option if only selling a few items

Cons of using Big Cartel:

  • Product limitation (my items can get around this, some may not be able to)
  • Can only pay through PayPal – no other options yet
  • Less sense of community
  • A bit harder to find products within searching from the Big Cartel directory

OVERALL: Not the best place to start and gain confidence from your store, but an excellent place to move on to once you have consistent sales. So many options to really make your shop more like you. Product limitations are not a problem for me as one item can have varied sizes, colors, etc.

The reasons behind me moving

Included all of those, but were mostly swayed by a few things:

  • Most of my traffic came from my blog, blogs I sponsored/ad swapped with, or Twitter and therefore Etsy was not a requirement as a source of traffic.
  • My monthly fees on Etsy were far exceeding the monthly fee ($20) I pay on Big Cartel for 100 products.
  • I wanted to branch out and create my own look and feel to my shop.
  • I wanted to start selling offline which for me meant I wanted an easy to remember URL.

Please remember that this was my experience with Etsy and Big Cartel. For others, it may be totally different. If you do have any questions in regards to either one though, I am happy to try and help! Send me an email or leave a comment below. :]

, but the want to truly brand my work was the biggest reason to move. After looking at the sources of my traffic, a majority of it came from my blog or blogs I sponsored and Twitter,

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  1. oh awesome post! thanks for that! great information which will definitely come handy.


  2. Wonderful post! Thanks girl! xxx

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this! I'm sticking with Etsy for now, because I'm still just a little baby shop. But if/when I get bigger, I'll definitely look into BC. It sounds much better for a bigger shop!!

  4. The sop is SUPER cute. I like it a lot. I never thought to look on big cartel when looking for gifts and stuff. I did a TON of my wedding shopping on Etsy. I will have to remember to look around there.!

  5. that means SHOP!

  6. I notice that a lot of bloggers prefer Big Cartel. I don’t have a shop but this seems like a very helpful list. :)

  7. I've been hearing about this more and more. How do you feel about the overall traffic on BC?

  8. I'm so glad you shared this. :) I definitely would like to know more info about your very beginning with etsy like how many items you started with, what your average mthly fees were, etc. Ya know, those random questions I like to ask you. ;)

  9. I really apprecaite your honesty, and pointers.I like the advice on checking where most traffic comes from, and it would make sense to open a shop front that isn't ETSY. Here in the UK we have Folksy and MISI, both seem quite reasonable, but I will check out your recommendation.

  10. I have set-up & customized a shop for a client on Big Cartel and it was very easy :)
    But you're right about the community aspect though, for sure.
    Good luck!!

  11. melissa says:

    thanks for posting this.. I have never heard of Big Cartel, but will check into it. I've started listing my products on etsy the beginning of this year and have yet to sell 1 item.. how discouraing is that!

  12. Thanks so much for this! I’ve been contemplating which one for awhile and I think I’ll start off with etsy like you did and move on to bigcartel when I’m comfortable.


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