Today I Am

I’ve done these types of posts in the past and I really like them, yet rarely do them. A lot of people have commented on how they like this kind of post so I thought I’d turn it into a link-up and hopefully encourage myself to do it more. The post/link-up is simple: post it any day of the week that you want with whatever emotions you’re feeling. Link-up to the latest post and you’re set! Easy-peasy.

  • Ready for my school term to be over because I’m not a big fan of direct marketing or the early years of American military history. I could really use a two week break from school and my next two classes are going to be pretty awesome.
  • Wishing that the flu bug that found it’s way to me would go away. Thought I was feeling better this morning and not so sure about it now. Also somewhat wishing I worked in an office because I never had two dogs fighting me for my workspace there.
  • Excited about a lot of things… like the e-book (still looking for help, if interested!), the blog party (still looking for giveaway prizes!), and my shop redesign/new products that are on track for August 25.
  • Happy that it’s almost the weekend and we don’t have a ton to do. And that True Blood was renewed for another season!
  • Proud that we’re going on walks every day again. It took us getting Sookie to do it so we could tire her out, but I feel so much better when I exercise.
  • Realizing that I will never have enough time in the day/week/month/year to do everything I want or need to. I just have to do what I can and be satisfied with that because it will always work out.
  • Finally adjusting to the amount of independence I’ve lost by having new puppy right now. I know that in time, it will come back, but until then, I’m making the best of it and trading in the time alone for dog slobber.
  • Noticing how comfortable sports bras are for being comfy around the house and working out.
  • Wasting Spending a lot of time on Bit Rebels, a website I just found that has just about everything I love all rolled into a giant ball of awesome.
  • Hungry for the cheesecake that is in my fridge, but impatiently waiting until after I find and eat a suitable lunch to devour it.
  • Looking forward to next weekend already. We have the county fair to go to and got tickets from my parents for free rides during the whole thing. We also have a Packer game on Friday and while I’m not a huge football fan, football season means things slow down for us. And booking our trip to the Dominican Republic soon!
  • Thankful for my husband who has taken care of me while I’ve been sick, all of the well-wishes from my blog friends, the fact that puppy training is getting easier and her first class is only days away, and just the life I’m living right now. I’m very content, even with being sick and frustrated at times.
  • What are you today (or tomorrow, or the next day, or the next day…)? Link-up!

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  1. aw such a cute post!!! next weekend sounds like a good time. :)
    happy friday, friend!!

  2. boo!! I hope you feel better soon Ashley!! I really want to start taking walks again!! Perhaps tomorrow I will pop by our local park!! Thanks for the idea darling!!! Have a splendid weekend!! xoxoxo

  3. Oh man, puppyhood is so crazy, but so worth it. :) Classes do help though. I'm totally jealous of your free rides during the whole fair. That's awesome!

  4. Feel better soon :) I love cheesecake and I spent time in the DR a few years ago. We weren't on vacation (went with a mission to help build a hospital/provide medical care) but it's naturally quite beautiful down there.

  5. OMG, I hope you feel better, lady. You have a fun weekend planned & the nasty flu bug shouldn't change that! LYLAS. LOL. TTYL.


  6. I hope that you feel better soon! You should post photos of your puppy!

  7. This is a fun idea!

  8. Today I am dead because I started my semester!!!


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