Guest Post: Cheap and Easy Halloween Decor

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Today I have an awesome tutorial for you guys from the lovely Margot!

Hi everyone, it’s Margot again, from Newfoundlander at Heart. I visited you a little earlier with a yummy harvest recipe, and now I am bringing you an inexpensive, simple and delicious decoration idea. I like to decorate my house, but I don’t have a lot of decor, and instead of buying a whole bunch of things I decided to use some things I could find around my house for some Halloween highlights.

I started by pulling out some Mason Jars of different sizes, and wrapping them in black yarn.

Then I found some fun foam cut-outs at the dollar store. You could cut your own, and use bristol board or construction paper if you don’t have any foam. Then I simply tucked the cut-outs into the yarn and my jars were ready to go.

I finished off the display by filling the jars with different kinds of Halloween candy that can be found at any local bulk food store this time of year.

I intermixed the jars with the few Halloween decorations I do have, just to give our little house some seasonal spice!

And there you have it, a simple and tasty alternative to lavish Hallowe’en decor you might find in a department store. Have fun and use your imagination! :)

Thanks for letting me stop by again Ashley, I thoroughly enjoyed it! :)

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  1. Oh my gosh!!! These are all so gorgeous! Lovely work. :D

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