Give Thanks Party Link-Up: What I’m Thankful For

Today is the day for the Give Thanks party that I’m hosting Julie from Julie Ann Art and Kristan of adelynSTONE! Read below to see what I’m thankful for and then link-up your own Give Thanks posts! Be sure to check out the hosts blogs, too!

This year has been by far the most amazing year of my life. If you take a look at my year in review post, you’d see why. But in short . . . I got married. I started this blog. I started my own business. I finally felt like I earned the title of being self-employed/an entrepreneur. I went outside of the country for the first time. We got our puppy (which is something Nathan and I talked about for a looooong time.)

And while these things are wonderful accomplishments/things I’ve done from the past year, I am thankful for so much more. So today, I want to share those things with you!

This Blog

When I started this blog a year ago, I really didn’t think it would have much of an impact on my life. It was truly just a hobby – one that I would come and go to as I please. But it became something much more for me. It became a place for me to celebrate my success. A place for me to seek advice when it was needed. A place for me to communicate with others and not feel isolated when I spend so much time at home by myself now. A place for me to collect all of the important moments in my life and not forget that they happened.

My Readers

I have made so many friends and met so many wonderful people through my blog, social media, and my business. I am so grateful for each and every one of you that have helped me grow in some form or another. A lot of you have stuck through from the beginning and I appreciate that because I know I’ve changed my mind on things with this blog hundreds of times. The emails and comments I get from my readers always make my day.

My Business

Owning my own business has taught me SO much about so many things. I was not business savvy when I first started and that has changed dramatically. It’s also taught me a lot about myself – my limits, my ability to grow, my time, my emotions, etc. I’ve also gotten to work closely with Megan since she joined the team and I am so thankful for her help with everything. I know that without her, I wouldn’t have been able to get as far as I am today with everything. I also wouldn’t have so much in store for it, either.

Being Able to Travel

I traveled a lot when I was younger. But it wasn’t to many exciting places. The Midwest looks the same just about everywhere you go – there’s a lot of barns and a lot of corn fields. But this year I’ll actually venture out of the country twice (once already to Jamaica and to Mexico in December.) I always dreamed of being able to see the world and everything it has to offer. I cannot wait to fill my passport up!

My Husband

By far the most important person. We’ve been through a lot since we started dating and he’s still here, planning a future with me. He’s there for me when I’ve had a bad day or business is rough. He’s there for me when I’ve had an amazing day or business is soaring. He listens. He talks. He cares. There’s no one else that I could imagine spending the rest of my life with. He’s flexible and understanding and right now, that’s exactly what I need when it comes to making sure my business is transforming in the ways I want it to.

Believing in Myself Enough to Quit

I am most thankful for this part of my life because it has opened my eyes, and so many doors. Last November, I didn’t know what I would do, but I believed in myself enough to figure it out along the way. My relationships have improved, I spend more time with my family and pets, my quality of life has changed drastically, and I think I truly understand the meaning of true happiness now.

I consider myself to be rather fortunate to be where I am today and it’s all because of everything I mentioned above. But I’m also pretty thankful for my pets, my Kindle Fire (pretty sure I’m in love), cheese, my electric blanket, the rest of my family, Amazon Prime (it makes my life 100x easier), my camera, and hundreds of other things that I’m forgetting right now. I lead the life I always wanted to so I’m incredibly thankful for that.

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  1. love your blog, so glad I found it! thanks for hosting this…and for sharing what you are thankful for…blessings to you today new friend!

  2. I found this link party through Kristen at AdelynStone, and I LOVE your blog! What wonderful BIG things to be thankful for, along with all those LITTLE things that make your day that much better. I, too, recently ventured out on my own and your "Believing in Myself Enough to Quit" paragraph really struck home.

    May next year be even better, keep up the awesome work and good luck on becoming the Top Blog (I voted for you ;-) !)

  3. such a great list!!!! and your blog is looking amazing these days, friend. :)

  4. I have been looking forward to this link up since you first blogged about it! :) I am so happy for you that you have so many things to be thankful for and that 2011 has been such a great year for you! I hope 2012 will be even bigger!

  5. this is a perfect list!! i love being able to travel!! it's been hard being pregnant and not being able to travel as much but i know the time will come around again!!

  6. Thanks for doing this. It's great to read what everyone else is thankful for and read some new blogs!

  7. Thanks for hosting! I love that you are thankful for traveling. I love exploring new places too :)

  8. Great list! <3

  9. scheduled my blog post for saturday.. cant wait to link up.. gonna hop in the meantime! :)

  10. Ashley, you are so amazing!!! I love your thankful list! And you are too too kind to me :) I am so grateful I get to work with you and have learned so much from you. Thank you for letting me a part of your success! You are amazing!

  11. thanks for hosting the party :) i love reading your blog

  12. That's a very good list! I'm def inspired by you and your decision to start your own biz!

  13. absolutely loved this party! even the smallest amount of gratitude can have such a profound change on your day. love love love all the amazing lists and perfect reminders!

  14. Thanks for hosting. I love this. Off to check out everyone's posts. Your thankful list is great! So much to be grateful for this year!