Lenora from Yellow Heart Art with Holiday Tutorials

I’m having some of my favorite bloggers share some of their holiday traditions, recipes, and tutorials
while I’m in Mexico for a while! I hope you enjoy their stories! Today I have Lenora from Yellow Heart Art!
Hey Guys! I’m Leonora over at Yellow Heart Art.
This is my mug.
Oh good, you’re still here.
I also design some suh-weet art over here too.
I have scoured the web and found these super easy, mega affordable and even more adorable holiday DIY design inspirations! They can either be used to make you’re home look like it came straight from a Martha Stuart Photo Shoot or you can give out these bad boys as holiday presents! Double Win.
Who owns Christmas? I believe you own christmas.
and what.
ok, on to the good stuff.
How to use:
• Decorate your holiday gifts!
• Make Garland and hang on the fireplace
• super fun ornaments
• even can double as a place holder for your guest’s seats!
How to Use:
• Quick fix for a bare front door
• Quick teacher gift
• Make mini ones and drape on the back of your guests chairs!
How to Use:
• Add a bit of whimsy to your tree
• Drape between the stockings that you hung from your fireplace with care
• make a cute “wreath” for your little girl’s hair for holiday photo shoots
• instead of attaching a bunch of making “garland” only string through some coffee filters and make “flowers” that can go on top of your presents
Yep, a cabbage made that gorgeous piece of artwork!
How to Use:
• Easy DIY to make with the kids
• Fast christmas cards
• Cut out the edge of the stamp, hole punch the top of the paper, add string & use it as an ornament
• Also the ornament idea and be doubled as a gift tag (write your information on the back!)
I hope you guys loved these DIY holiday ideas! They are all super easy, super fun and most can even be done with your kids as well!Thank you SO MUCH ashley for having me!!
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  1. What nifty ideas! I really love the trees and the cabbage stamps- so cool!

  2. madamesaslow says:

    The cabbage stamps are rocking my world! Super fabulous. The ribbon wreath is good, too. I can't get enough of wreaths right now.

  3. oh man these tutorials are great!! i love them all!

  4. such great tutorials! love the paper tree one