Birthday Bash – MASSIVE Giveaway!

If you didn’t realize it yet, today is my birthday – yaaaaaaaay! But that means a whole lot for YOU because it’s the massive giveaway I was talking about for the last few weeks. By massive, I really did mean massive.

There is a grand total of . . . 35 ITEMS! Plus the three things I’m giving away listed below my babbling! THAT’S CRAZY AWESOME. (I’m really excited about this, if you couldn’t tell. I’m also really excited that I’m taking the day off of work to go eat delicious food and watch movies. In fact, I’m probably stuffing my face right now with something that’s totally not healthy – AKA: Olive Garden – since I scheduled this post yesterday.)

But in all seriousness – THANK YOU a hundred times over to those that offered something for helping make this birthday bash fabulousness such a success. If you haven’t checked out the birthday bash sponsors yet, check out the right side column and click away. Or check out the post after the jump to enter to win the giveaway AND check out all of the sponsors shops, blogs, and social media sites.

And one last thing before you get to see all of the amazing prizes:

IF you are participating in the giveaway by offering some sort of prize, YOU CAN STILL ENTER!
Should someone win that offered a prize for the giveaway, you’ll be receiving a product of equal
value from me/my shop! For example, if you’re offering $25 shop credit, you’ll receive $25 shop
credit to my store or if you’re offering a product worth $10, you’ll receive something worth $10
from me. Just my way of saying thanks for being awesome. :)





































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  1. I honestly can't remember anything I've gotten for a bday that was extremely horrible or embarrassing. I'm sure there were some questionable sweaters from grandma back in the day. I've gotten things that were odd and made me wonder if the person actually knows me at all: a make-up mirror for my purse when I don't wear make-up, a corduroy teddy bear when I was long past the stuffed animal stage and am not a huge fan of corduroy, etc. Not horrible gifts in and of themselves, just not suited to me.

  2. Happy Birthdayyyy:)
    So excited to be entering this!

  3. Oh and the worst thing I ever got for my birthday was a South Pole brand shirt. Hello Miss Ghetto Fabulous;)

  4. Happy Birthday Ashley! What a great giveaway haul…woowweee

  5. This is an awesome giveaway! My birthday is right before Christmas so the worst gift I have ever gotten is nothing :) That hasn't happened for a long time though.

  6. The most embarrassing gift I received was from my mom when I was 12 [of course] In front of my family and friends I opened up a gift…to find a giant book all about periods and my changing body. thanks mom

  7. The most embarrassing thing I've gotten was hello kitty underwear at a boy-girl party when I was 9!!! 8(

  8. happy bday ashley!!! really awesome giveaway!
    I haven't got a bad gift on my bday!!! :) not that i remember! haha

  9. This is such an overwhelmingly fun giveaway!! Happy Birthday to you and thanks for sharing your birthday with opportunities for everyone to get gifts!!! You are awesome!!! The worst thing I ever got for my birthday was a tshirt from my dad that said, "Princess" – I was much too old for it!

  10. the worst b-day gift I ever recieved was a cutting board. Honestly, who wants a plain old cutting board? Not even a fancy one!

  11. happy happy birthday!! hope you had a wonderful birthday. i can't say that i ever got any really bad or embarrassing birthday gifts fortunately

  12. haha!!! I laughed so hard at this!!

  13. Ashlynn S. says:

    Happy Birthday! My birthday is the 25th so yay for close birthdays. :))
    Ummm. The worst gift I’ve ever received was spacers for braces. Yeppp! Scheduled on my birthday in 7th grade. .__. Haha.
    <33 Ashlynn.

  14. HOLY GIVEAWAY! Awesome that the participants get to enter, too. ;)

    Bad bday gift? Hmm … socks, maybe?

  15. oh my goodness, i've never seen so much amazing-ness in one place!?! i guess the worst birthday gift i ever got was a big fat NOTHING one year from my poor hubby :( i'll never let him live that down.

  16. Mica Staheli says:

    Worst thing I received was a package of deodorant…:(


  17. Brittney Mouton says:

    I can honestly say the most embarrassing birthday gift I’ve ever received in my entire life was at my 18th birthday dinner. My Mom and sisters got together and bought me a Barney necklace. Yes, the purple dinosaur from most of our childhood memories. I was obsessed with Barney from birth to the age of 10. I guess they thought it would be funny to gift that to me but I was pretty embarrassed since all my closet friends and family were there.

  18. I have always gotten awesome gifts for my birthday!

  19. I was pregnant with baby #2 and my mother-in-law gave my a scale for my birthday. She said I'll need it after I have the baby.. an essential tool for losing weight!

  20. smalltown20something says:

    Hmm. The most embarrassing or worst gift? That's a tough one. There was one time when I was younger (and I'm not sure if this was Christmas or my birthday) where my aunt asked what I wanted and I answered that I was fine with anything, but there was nothing I wanted in particular. Well she took "anything" quite literally, and got me a can of beets. I think she got me something else too, but it was kind of funny.

    Happy Birthday!

  21. I can't say that I've had anything really embarrassing. I got a blacklight from someone for my 16th birthday, but I could never understand why my friend ever thought that was a good idea. I never did use it.

  22. worst gift ever?? a frying pan!!!

  23. What an awesome giveaway! Happy Birthday! I don't think I have ever gotten a bad b-day gift. Hmmmm….now I remember….my hubby and I love wine and have some really good wines in our cellar and my friend's date brought me a bottle of Corbett Canyon since she told him I liked wine. You should have seen the look on his face when he saw what we had.

  24. I think I would have to say that I haven't ever gotten a bad birthday gift!

  25. Sandra Moak says:

    My ex-sister in law once gave me the free gift she got with her purchase…and left the free w purchase sticker on it!

  26. None too bad. The fellas mom gave me a thoughtful gift my first birthday we were together, a green woven purse (since it wasn't leather) and I never used it because it's not my style, so kind of felt bad about that, but I haven't received anything too horrible. I think that happens more and more as you get older and people get to know you better and better.


  27. Ang Alford says:

    My dad nicknamed me squirrel when I was a baby , and well unfortunately it stuck , my mom to this day calls me squirrel , but anyhow , on my 16th birthday my boyfriend gave me a taxiderm squirrel A.K.A a REAL DEAD STUFFED SQUIRREL WTH ….. needless to say we are not together anymore !! belensmama at gmail dot com

  28. alyssanwarren says:

    I'm not sure it is the worst ever, but last year i was given a men's shirt with a young bob marley's face on it… not sure why. i am not a huge bob fan nor am i a man haha!
    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  29. My mom bought me an umbrella once when I was little. What little kid wants an umbrella?

  30. whiskey tango says:

    Happy birthday!!!
    My worst gift was box of pecans. I HATE PECANS! lol

  31. 35intheshade says:

    Ha. Definitely the how to pole dance book that my friends gave me for my 18th birthday. My mom was a little confused when she found that the next day.

  32. Happy Birthday! The worst gift I ever got was perfume. It may not sound bad, but I had repeatedly told this boyfriend (my now husband, lol) that I hated perfume.


  33. lol worst thing was some dental care products.

  34. Hmmmm…I don't think I ever got a horrible birthday gift! lol.

  35. Snap, Crackle, Pop says:

    I don't think I've ever gotten an embarrassing or bad birthday gift. Honestly, I'm blanking on here. I didn't know that was so common!

  36. I can't think of a birthday present, but I did receive my first bra for a Christmas gift to open in front of my entire family. Nice, huh…. LOL!

  37. What a giveaway! My grandparents gave me a bra and underwear set one time which was kind of awkward within itself then my younger brother thought it would be funny to steal them and come out and show everyone with him in it…that took awkward to a while new level of that gift. We have a photo of it somewhere. He is married with two little ones now…but after that day we weren't sure how that whole relationship thing would work for him – haha. Goof.

  38. Probably getting nothing! LAME:)

  39. For my 9th birthday, my friend was so embarrassed, because her mom bought the gift, and it was clothes. All of my other friends got me cool toys and gadgets, and then I got a vest. I really did not like the gift, and then I felt bad for my friend, because she was mortified that CLOTHES was her gift to me. :-)

  40. Holly Schilling says:

    I think the worst was getting nothing for my birthday. Anyone who knows me knows my love language is receiving gifts, so to not receive a gift on a day that is a common gift giving day is pretty tough, not even a handmade gift.

  41. I don't think I have ever had an embarrassing gift… but The worst gift I ever got was a purse made out of an armadillo. And no – I'm not making that up. My mom and her BFF collected armadillos and they thought I would love it. I still have it too – since my mom died I can't make myself get rid of it! Its hideous!

  42. Happy Birthday. You're officially in your mid twenties. It only gets better from here.

  43. When I was 18 my mom threw me a surprise party. Only 2 people showed up. On top of that she got me Little Mermaid sheets for my bed because she knew I loved The Little Mermaid. I was mortified.

  44. AWESOME Giveaway!! :) My worst birthday present was on my sixteenth birthday. My little brother gave my three cans of pringles (you know, the chips) wrapped in a Wal-Mart bag. For real. When we gave him a hard time (it was my sweet sixteen!) his said that he wanted to be sure that he got me something I like, and he knew I liked pringles. Yep. :)

  45. Birthdays were never bad for me, but my dad and stepmom are really bad at Christmas gifts :-/ One year I got a pen that didn't write and a travel iron.

  46. YES! So fun! Happy happy birthday to you :)

  47. Worst birthday present ever: A card was sent to me, and had my brothers name on it! Not really a present, but they got our birthdays flipped.

  48. staceykuo says:

    Simply AMAZING.

  49. The most embarassing gift I ever got was to be serenaded in the middle of class by the boys in choir!! It sounds nice now but when I was 16 it was humiliating!!

  50. Worst birthday gift I ever received was a twilight card.. haha just kidding. I don't think I've ever been given a bad present!

  51. samanthajoyb says:

    Wow. Crazy awesome giveaway. Happy happy birthday dear!
    I don't think there's anything I've received that's all that horrible or embarrassing, but there are always those gifts from people that don't really know you or relatives that just assume all relatives are children, but it's the thought that counts!

  52. i never really got anything embarrassing or awful for my birthday… i guess the most awkward one was when my ex boyfriend gave me a necklace he had custom made in the shape of a heart, a "love you, blah blah" kind of note, and some other stuff… when we'd been broken up for 5 months. =

  53. I had to sit for a minute to think about the worst gift I ever got or the most embarassing.. My 19th birthday- my boyfriend broke up with me. Yes, on that day. He could not have waited until the day after?? UGH. I will NEVER forget this.
    shanna.u at gmail dot com

  54. Man you weren't kidding about this being a MASSIVE giveaway. Holy Cannoli! Oh and I think I received a basketball one year. This doesn't sound bad but to a chubby, non-athletic 11 year old girl it was not good at all. I was like what the what?

  55. i cant remember any bad gifts.
    great people in my life = great gifts ;)

  56. happy birthday! the worst birthday gift i have ever received would probably be… gosh i can't think of it right now. i just love gifts, so it's hard to go wrong. :)

  57. Holy smokes!!!! This giveaway is crazaay! I can't think of the worst birthday present I've gotten, but I totally bought my boyfriend a vacuum for his birthday last year– because we desperately needed a new one! Horrible girlfriend right here!

  58. Worst present?? Underwear!!

  59. Maybe not embarrassing, but strange. I asked for a Christmas cactus for my 14th birthday. My parents thought I was nuts. They were correct.

  60. the worst gift I ever got was a pink xbox controller (from my boyfriend, who conveniently only had three controllers and needed a fourth) but ultimately (out of pure boredom with watching him and his friends play) I became a pretty impressive xboxer so it all worked out in the end! and then we graduated college and the xbox has been put to rest, thank God

  61. littlepinkcupcakes says:

    I recieved a sandwich from my mothers Boyfriend on my birthday. It was my gift from him. It was blended canned ham with half a jar of green relish and a pile of mayo. I still shudder when I think of how I had to eat it to be polite. I loved that he thought of me.

  62. I got a Barney & Friends tape for my eighth birthday (but I secretly wanted it). I was so embarrassed.

  63. A comforter bought on sale at an outlet store that was TOTALLY not my style – plus it was the itchiest thing known to humankind…

  64. underwear never fails to embarrass me as a present. don't get me wrong, I love new undies – I just don't want to open a present in front of people to discover that underpants are inside. no thanks.

  65. Oh… my…. god. This is just as epic as I imagined. BRB, off to enter AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE.

  66. Ack, always read the directions ALL the way through, kids:

    Worst birthday present ever was the dead baby bunny my dog brought into the house on the morning of my 24th birthday.


  67. lariatsandlavender says:

    I don't really have an embarrassing story, however for YEARS I would cry my little eyes out whenever anyone would go to sing "Happy Birthday" to me, such as before I was given my cake… There are videos of little Angie just screaming and crying during the whole Happy Birthday song. Okay, I guess that IS pretty embarrassing. ;)

    GREAT giveaway and again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  68. Natasha Hollerup says:

    My most embarrassing birthday was when my fiance got drunk and then picked me up to take me to his place. He was laughing so hysterically and I had to pay for my own dinner.

  69. I do not think I have yet come across a most embarrassing presently ;) happy birthday, Ashley!

  70. Michelle Fosnaugh says:

    These are funny mine is kinda sad :-(

    My bday is right around Xmas, December 19th to be exact. I was 12 years old. My aunt was over one sunday for dinner. We were flipping through the JCPenney Catalog. Remember those huge ones!!! Anyways in the girls section there was this outfit that was green denim jeans and a hot pink/green striped colored long sleeve shirt. I was like ohhh that's cute. My mom gave me a weird look and my aunt was like you think so, and Im like yes. This was waaaay back in like September. Anyways its my bday my whole family is there. So I open up her gift and it was this outfit, let me tell you it looked better in the catalog! So she makes me go upstairs and try it on…I looked horrible. And I was a chunky girl. It just did not look right. So I came downstairs and she looked at me and said "Boy that makes you look fatter than you already are" in front of my whole family. Needless to say my dad pulled out a can of whoop ass and threw her out of our house. I was in tears. It was just awful and horrible worst gift ever. Regardless I never wore it again, threw it away actually and my dad and his sister didnt talk for nearly 4 years because of it. 21 years later I still remember this and think about it around my bday/xmas. My aunt was is not a nice lady….

  71. I ahven't had much expeirence with bad birthday presents but as someone mentioned earlier it gets worse as you get older because people know you better. Proabably the worst thing i recieved was socks.

  72. Once, a girl from school gave me a handmade jewelry box shaped as a miniature(15" long) cemetery tombstone with my name on it…she seemed so happy and I got a bit scared :p

  73. I know I'm lame-o, but I don't recall EVER receiving an embarrassing or "bad" gift for my bday… but for my bachelorette party, that's another story, ha! HAPPY BIRTHDAY again to you!! THANKS for the awesome giveaway!!!

  74. The only bad gifts I can remember that I've gotten are clothes that weren't my style at all from my relatives; I'm always thankful that they spent that time to think of me, but usually I'll just wear the item once when I know I'm going to see them, leave the tags on, and then take it back! lol!

  75. The worst birthday present I got was in the 7th grade – a cold. When I got home from my b-day party which I had half-slept through anyway, I went to bed and slept for nearly 16 hours. Being sick sucks, especially on your b-day!!

  76. Melissa M. says:

    Shoot shoot shoot, I guess I was logged in as my husband when I "liked" all of the facebook pages, so I'm going to have to go back through and unlike them on his and like them on mine… I just wanted to let you know that I'm not a cheater just pressing "enter" for the giveaways! It took me a long time to like all of them and now I have a big mess to fix, oops!

  77. I can't think of a single bad birthday gift!! I guess I've been pretty lucky :D

  78. that is a hard one… Not sure? I do remember once as a kid going to a friends bday party and giving a birthday gift that someone else already got.. that was pretty upsetting, I think i may have cried! haha

  79. Amazing giveaway- thanks!

  80. The first year we were dating- my husband forgot my birthday- awesome!

  81. Steph@Sand&Starfish says:

    I've never received anything bad or embarrassing for my birthday but because it's 5 days before Christmas, I'll share the worst Christmas present I've ever received, which also happens to be embarrassing. We have 5 kids in my family so instead of buying presents for all, we'd swap names and if we had a boy/girlfriend, they'd get their names tossed in too. My lil bro was dating this girl and she just so happened to get my name. What did she get me?! Underwear. More specifically, pink bootie undies. 5 pair. Nothing like holding those up in front of your family oChristmas day and having to give her an awkward hug.

  82. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And holy smokes, what a giveaway. Somebody's going to be very lucky!

  83. The worst birthday gift I ever got was a lottery ticket… from a drawing that had already happened, ie) the giver KNEW it was not a winning ticket!!

  84. Cool giveaway! Happy birthday!
    Hmm… I don't think I've ever had a really embarrassing birthday gift given to me, but my mom a couple of years ago gave me one that my sister and I still joke about. It was a hoodie in neon patchwork that I would never, ever pick out for myself.. (or wear in public.) We still call it Tiff's technicolor dreamcoat. That's ok; her heart was in the right place. I think that someday It will find a home… perhaps upcycled into something that one wouldn't wear… ;-)

  85. Yay birthday twins :) Hope you enjoyed your day, lovely!
    AND the worst birthday gift I've ever received is a break up…yikes!


  86. The worst gift I ever recieved was…well still is…I have a grandma who thinks I'm a size extra large?? For some reason?? And she shops exclusively at walmart and insists on buying me tshirts with like, oscar the grouch and stuff because they're "cute". hahaha awful.

  87. Awesome giveaway, I came from Through the Eyes of the Mrs Blog x x

  88. –I'm droooooling thinking I could win all these fabulous goodies! Thanks for the giveaways lovelies! =]

  89. Happy birthday!

  90. Never really got a bad gift but last birthday when my fiancé kind of forgot about my birthday was the worst!!!

  91. Amazing giveaway! Happy Birthday!

  92. madamesaslow says:

    Most embarrassing: Legos. Some friends of mine (boys) gave me legos when I was maybe 7 years old. I didn't want them and offered them to my brother right there in front of everyone just after opening them. Thinking back on my 7 year old self, I am so embarrassed.

  93. yay! I was bummed thinking I wouldn't be able to enter to win these goodies! I can't remember ever getting anything awful or embarrassing so I guess the worst was that my husband didn't plan anything special or anything at all to do with me on my birthday haha, even though he did figured out how to make a ceramic heart…

  94. I gotcha. When I was in high school some boys from my youth group thought it would be super funny to get me a gift and give it to me in front of the entire group. I opened the gift bag and there sat a little pill bottle "Hooter Helpers". My minuscule boobs just called out in front of everyone. SO EMBARASSING! We laugh about it now, but I was definitely not laughing at the time that's FO SHO.

  95. something2writeabout says:

    Happy Birthday!! While I try to be grateful for every gift, my grandma is notorious for giving pret-ty terrible ones…like a sandwich baggie full of Q-Tips, shampoo samples from hotel trips 5 years ago, and miniature tea sets to the moon! Gotta love the memories.

  96. daaang, this is the biggest giveaway ever. i wanna win!

  97. and as for the worst gift…hmm….an instruction manual on how to use a camera i don't even own. random, i know.

  98. Is it bad that I don't have any horror gift stories?

  99. happy birthday again!! i can't remember getting anything really terrible for my birthday…but a couple years ago my bf's mom got me a little "welcome to my garden" gnome thing for "my garden" which i always let weeds over grow in and never water the plants so they die. i would say that was a pretty bad gift…haha. hope you had a fabulous birthday ashley! thanks for sharing the celebration!

  100. I got a horrible vest once. There was nothing good about it.
    Just awful.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  101. Happy Birthday! I haven't received any totally terrible gifts, but my dad's friend used to come and visit every Christmas and he brought me Barbie clothes until I was probably 16-years-old. That was at least funny!

  102. I once got a razor as a birthday gift…completely lame!

  103. How about receiving peanuts as a "secret santa" gift when I have a nut allergy? lol does that count?
    -Meesh :)

  104. worst birthday present…. hmmm… one year my parents bought me socks made from organic cotton. they seemed to think i was some sort of hippie, which wasn't really accurate, and also, they were so scratchy i never wore them! i didn't know what to say, i felt so bad!! haha, my parents have never been the best gift-givers.

  105. i follow you on bloglovin' :)

  106. Happy Birthday Ashley! This is an awesome giveaway!

  107. wow… seriously… wow! i hope you had an amazing birthday because this is an amazing giveaway!

  108. Haven't had too many bad birthday gifts thank goodness. I did get a cheap ceramic cat for Christmas this year though. Just because I have a cat doesn't mean I'm a crazy cat person! :) Thanks for the chance!

  109. Probably the worst birthday gift I ever received was not having my group of friends plan or celebrate my 30th with me. I was so pumped up that year for a big celebration and my bestie got pregnant and then my bday came and went with no big celebration. But that's okay…

  110. theowlclub says:

    I pretty much love all gifts, no matter what!

    Taking it figuratively I think probably the worst ever birthday present was having to do an 8-hr train journey for work when I was 6 months pregnant, on my birthday!

  111. Super cute stuff! Love the embroidered pennants from Take the Cannoli

  112. Probably a violet which my black thumb swiftly killed.

  113. Worst gift I got was a fake bird and plastic fruit – my uncle has a weird sense of humor….I mean really, what am I going to do with plastic fruit and a fake bird?

  114. Happy birthday! Such an exciting giveaway. :) The worst birthday gift I got was a pair of Bermuda looking type shorts straight from the bottom of the thrift store pile! They were hideous! And not even the right size… although I was thankful for the excuse to not have to wear them!

  115. The worst present i received was a back scratcher from a dear old boyfriend!

  116. Would love to win all this loot! I can’t think of a terrible birthday gift I’ve received. I’m no fun huh?

  117. My worst birthday gift was a Bros annual an embarrasing boy duo that I never liked but my dad alway used to get me and my step sister the same thing.

  118. I'm really not sure what the worst present I've ever received is. Seems kind of ungrateful. Once I was living on my own I think I got some boring kitchen utensils. A book for writing recipes in (I don't cook) which would be a good gift for someone else I guess. Happy Birthday by the way!

  119. AWESOME.
    And I hope you had a baller bday!

  120. For my 16th birthday my grams got me a big box of condoms and cucumber. God bless her for trying to be in the know and watching out for me, but I nearly dies of embarrassment!!

  121. GariAnn Hedquist says:

    I don't think I have experienced anything super embarrassing on my birthday but I do have memories of some pretty embarrassing birthday party's… I was super stoked for my 10th rollerskating get together until we arrived to discover that we had to share the rink with the local 50 and over sunny singles get together… yeah it was an epic fail!!! Hope you have a fab birthday and thank you for such an amazing giveaway!!

  122. The worst was the nothing (no present, no card, no “happy birthday”) from my husband a couple of years ago. He totally forgot.

  123. beforeverlovely says:

    hi! happy birthday (belated, sorry, i'm behind on bloglovin, or maybe i follow too many folks?). :) hope it was magical. thanks for the chance to win so much cool stuff!

  124. What an awesome giveaway. I love the scarf. Happy bday!!

  125. I honestly can't think of the worst b-day gift…. maybe when I turned 17 my parents didn't do anything for my birthday and that was really lame… I really am not still bitter about it, haha. But it did suck, haha :)


  126. This giveaway is pretty amazing. Although, if I did win, I'd forgo the ad space prizes. But everything else is pretty impressive. :)

  127. Worst birthday gift was socks!

  128. Ashley Marie Jensen says:

    Worst birthday gift ever was getting my period on my 13th birthday…while on vacation with my DAD in palm springs…I wanted to die when I sent him out for my first box of tampons…

  129. Lani Derrick says:

    Adore your blog! Excited about the giveaway! Fingers crossed

  130. Lani Derrick says:

    Gifts where always so good. I remeber the pics of my 7th birthday with my first bikini and my thoughts are immediatly what where they thinking!

  131. My friends gave me a gag vibrator for my sweet 16 in front of my whole family!! AWKWARD but hilarious!!

  132. Best gift? A car!

  133. My step-grandmother once gave me a re-gifted gift that had been used…lotion from Bath and Body Works! I didn't know if she had used it or if the person who gave it to her had, but it was so humbling. haha. I thanked her whole heartedly for the gift, but threw it away as soon as I got home. LOL.

  134. Worst birthday gift? I must have some wonderful family and friends—'cause I can't remember one!

  135. Happy Birthday, what a great line up!

  136. I got a bra for my birthday when I was like…13. And of course my dad took a picture of me looking at it like “Uh, what?”

  137. Happy Birthday!!!
    Thanks so much for hosting this amazing giveaway.

    • And… The worst birthday gift I ever received was…. I actually don't really know – i've been pretty lucky. Maybe it was a necklace that one of my exes gave to me… I never wear jewelry, and I definitely never wear anything too fancy, so he shelled out the dough on a necklace that I never wore. I felt kind of bad, but I guess he should have known more about me after we'd been dating for so long.
      But yeah, nothing ever horrible.

  138. The most embarrassing birthday gift I've received is a set of reusable pads…but I asked for it, so it was ok ;)

  139. oh how exciting! count me in :-) x

  140. Worst birthday gift ever was a barbie nightgown from my step grandma. I was like 13! ACK!

  141. Happy birthday! What an amazing giveaway!

  142. My mum gave me a towel on my 20th birthday. I can’t say that it’s the worst give I’ve ever received, it’s from my mum, but still… It wasn’t what I expected.

  143. A present that I gave someone else, they gave back!

  144. What an amazing giveaway!!
    I think my worst birthday gift would have to be whe n my dad took me to see the mountain bike racing for the olympics on my 12th birthday… I had no interest in it at all and you could only see the bikes every half hour or so when they came through your section of the bush… I was really un impressed…
    He also gave me a sim card one year. He was super exited about it saying he thought I would like a spare one… Not sure what that was about… :P
    He tries… :)

  145. Lindsay Curtis says:

    Happy Birthday! And thank you for the opportunity! What a great bunch of vendors! Love it all!

  146. I think the worst gift I got was from my great Grandmother when I was about 12 or so. It was a really creepy looking poor mans porcelain doll with eyes that moved and a brush and comb set. The tag on the gift was made out to Anita's (my mom) daughter. Thanks grandma.

  147. I've never gotten anything too bad…though one year, I got a game that was about a bunch of pop stars like Miley Cyrus. What the person giving me the gift didn't know was that my friends and I absolutely despise the pop stars featured in the game. :/

  148. mimibabyboutique says:

    I've never gotten anything embarrassing for my birthday, but my good friends did give me slinky lingerie at my wedding shower that had a LOT of old ladies attending. That made me blush quite a bit..

  149. mary fanara coleman says:

    The worst was when my husband forgot my bday and ran out to the grocery store and came back with one ugly rose.He's made up for it since. Married 25 yrs now!!

  150. My birthdays have always been awesome I can't remember an embarrassing gift or awful gift. MY favorite gift was when I was in 7th grade and my parents got me a plain ticket to visit family in CA and tickets to Knotts Scary Farm we had a BLAST!!

  151. Awesome giveaway!!! Most embarrassing gift was sketches rollers skates with light up wheels :)

  152. I think that birthday where my parents decided to serenade me with "girl, you're a woman now" was pretty darn embarassing. I think that counted as a gift to them…. Also the terrible one being the one where our evil babysitter made me stand in the corner for something I DIDN"T EVEN DOOOOO.

  153. there's no bad bday gifts :-)

  154. This really is such a fab giveaway- one of the best I've seen! So glad to be a part of it! Um, the worst birthday present? Probably no one showing up to my party when I was in the 3rd grade. Sad day!!!

  155. Can’t think of a really bad one..liked all my presents except maybe some questionable sweaters given to me by my parents. :\

  156. My grandma – on my Dad's side – has a knack for giving pretty terrible presents that no one really wants – mostly things she sees on QVC or HSN that she thinks look neat, but then doesn't end up wanting once she receives them. Undoubtedly, the worst gift I ever received was from her one birthday, when she decided to send me an already opened 5 tape VHS boxset, (this was when VHS was already basically unused, and we didn't own a player anymore), of instructional videos on country line dancing… No joke.

  157. Hats and Coats says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  158. Happy belated birthday! This is a super awesome giveaway!

  159. oh my lanta! This is awesome. :)

  160. The most embarrassing birthday gift I've ever received? My senior year of high school was when my friends went to see High School Musical 3: Senior Year and we cried during the graduation scene. So when I turned 18, my mom bought it for me and brought it into school to surprise me. I loved it though! :) However, I haven't watched it since senior obviously it's been put to such good use. :)

  161. The worst gift I’ve ever gotten was a giant ceramic coffee cup planter. I wouldn’t usually have a problem with this, but my birthday is January 18th and it had Santa and reindeer on it….

  162. MY grandmother is known for giving extremely awful birthday presents (mixed in with awesome ones) – coin purses covered with ugly buttons, or you know any of that kind of random stuff that is next to the cash register in shops that she walks past and happens to be buying something so she gets it from there too.

  163. I would say the most embarrassing Birthday (moment – not gift) was my 16th when I was supposed to have a party. Instead we had taken care of a dying kitten in a snow storm and the entire fam got ring worm from him. No party that year. My mom did order a few pizzas and sent them to my high school lunch hour. Pretty creative and a lot of people wanted to be my friend that day to get some free pizza ;)

  164. Undeniably consider that which you said. Your favorite justification seemed to be on the net the simplest thing to remember of. I say to you, I certainly get irked whilst people consider concerns that they just do not know about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the highest as well as outlined out the entire thing without having side effect , other people can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thank you

  165. The most horrible bday gift I got was a broken tooth at skateland. I tripped and fell and broke my front tooth in front of everyone.

  166. Toilet paper. Ha ha.

  167. Happy Birthday!!

  168. My Grandma used to give me AWFUL sweaters for my birthday every year. :)


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