Archives for March 22, 2012

Sometimes I Feel Inadequate

The truth is that sometimes, more like a lot of times, I feel inadequate here.

My views don’t always grow as quickly as I want them to.

My sales don’t always come as often as I want them to.

I don’t always get as many comments as I want to.

I become my own worst enemy when it comes to succeeding in the blog world far too often. I can take a minor mistake or a small slump in a portion of the business and turn it into a reason to quit completely. Obviously I haven’t done that, but it doesn’t mean that the thought doesn’t enter my mind and leave me feeling defeated, even if temporarily.

Sometimes I feel like I need to lead a different kind of life to rise to the top. Or that I need to like different things. Or that I need to dress a different way. All of these things making me fall short of my true life goal: to love who I am and the life that I live.

If there’s anything that this week and last week taught me, it’s that everyone has their own story on how they got to where they are today. Their own struggles. Their own triumphs. Their own heartache. Their own lessons. And all of these things make us unique. They make us stand out in a crowd instead of blending in. They make us a leader instead of a follower. They make us who we are, instead and out.

I know that my time will come. And it will be when I’m ready to appreciate what I’ve gone through to get here instead of just raising the bar every time. So here’s to waiting for that time. Here’s to appreciating my own strengths. Appreciating my own past. Celebrating and using my personality in my blog instead of trying to conform to someone else’s.

Here’s to being me and loving that person all the time.

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