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Friday Favorites

Little bit behind with Friday Favorites from Secret Week and Blog Positivity week so some of these posts are a bit older!

  • These tips on successfully pitching blogs on Oh My! Handmade are SO true. A must read for anyone looking to pitch bloggers or other websites with their products.
  • I loved how real Sarah was in one of her Blog Positivity Week posts about connecting with people.
  • Sometimes I really hate our house, but it has what we need. After reading Megan’s post about making her house a home, I’m inspired to rearrange some things to make it more me while we’re still in WI.
  • This post on self-doubt spoke to me SO much because I struggle with it a lot more than I would like to admit.
  • Pretty sure I could eat all of these. I’m a HUGE chocolate mint fan.
  • Hollie’s honest take on a a juice detox made me laugh, just because I’m pretty sure I couldn’t even last 3 days. Processed food, you win.
  • If I didn’t want to go to Paris before, Jenni’s pictures from there made me want to go even more.
  • I love this storage idea for nail polish and jewelry.
  • Kate’s post on stepping away from technology was such a great reminder.

New This Week:

Link-up your favorite posts from your favorite blogs below! Help showcase other bloggers and share their posts here for others to find them. All I ask is that this is not used for self-promotion purposes and will hope that everyone follows along with that. :)

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