Interview with Laura from Pens and a Camera Lens

Your blog name + link: My blog is called Pens and a Camera Lens //

Describe your blog in five words: rambles, photos, designs, love, and silliness

Describe yourself in five words: crazy redhead, writer, lover, leftie

Describe any average day for you:
Weekdays are me going to school, coming home, walking my dog, working on my blog or my books. Weekends consist of work and church.

If you were an animal, what would you be + why:
An elephant, because elephants are awesome. (I have a slight obsession with them, actually, slight is a major understatement).

Tell us a story (any kind!):
Um, let’s see. Once upon a time there was a girl who wrote books. And then her first book was read by a publishing company, and while they didn’t want to publish it, they still liked it. She was very happy. The end. (True story too.)

Where do you find your inspiration:
I feel like it’s more like where do I not find inspiration? Seriously, I’ve written scenes that were inspired by rocks. Yes, rocks. Rocks in the park. I have an over-active imagination to say the least. But, I get inspiration from people probably the most. Whether it’s people in my life, or my fellow bloggers, I’m inspired in one way or another.

Why do you blog?:
I think…. I blog because my life is full of silly little things and I want to share the good and the bad. As someone who’s been affected by depression most of my life, I understand how sometimes, all you really want is a hug, or something to give you one little smile, and while I can’t give you a hug over the computer, I hope to be able to put a smile on your face.

What is something exciting about March for you:
Spring Break. Every year. Oh, and my brother’s birthday, probably shouldn’t forget that. Also, March is when it starts to get warm here in Texas. Really warm. It’s 73 degrees right now.

Where else can we find you: twitterfacebookinstagram

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