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Owning who I am: a blogger, an artist, a consultant

Support doesn’t come easily. It’s not fake or forced. Especially when emotionally supporting yourself. True support comes when someone believes in something enough to stand behind it. For me, this was something that felt hard, if not impossible, to come by for the longest time.

I never really owned the person I was. Or, more importantly, the person that I am. A Blogger. An artist. A consultant. An entrepreneur. These were words I would blindly use to describe myself without really understanding what they did to define me. I never felt good enough to truly call myself a blogger because I didn’t, and still don’t, fully support myself from it. The same goes for being an artist. And yet again, the same goes for being a consultant. I was able to label myself as one of those things online because the words were easy to type.

But saying it out loud? Those words went unspoken.

I’m proud of what I do. I believe that I can make my dreams a reality. I stand behind my choices. And I know that I have a ton of good ideas. But it wasn’t enough until now.

Call me shy. Call me insecure. Call it a low self-esteem at times. Whatever it was, it was enough to question the value I could place in these titles and leave these key words out of my spoken vocabulary. And it left me unable to fully own who I am, or what I can offer, or what I can bring into this world. Isn’t that a part of why we’re here – to take what we can offer to this world and believe in it enough to share it with everyone?

Maybe it took splitting into two blogs to see that there was more to me than this. Maybe it was the decision to move to Florida with the idea of a fresh start. Or maybe it was just a long time coming. Whatever it was, I’m ready now.

I’m ready to support myself. I’m ready to cheer myself on when things are good and push myself forward without dwelling when things are rough.

I’m ready to own who I am. All of who I am.

The blogger.

The artist.

The consultant.

The entrepreneur.

And so much more.

so tell me . . .

Do you own who you are?

If so, what makes you YOU?

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