Archives for May 3, 2012


This has been a year of change for me.

A decision to move to Florida.

A leap from jewelry to home decor in our shop.

The decision to take portions of this blog and create another.

Essentially all of these decisions have lead to one thing: starting over. Whether it be where I live, or what I do for a living, this year has taken me back to square one in a lot of areas of my life.

Maybe square one isn’t entirely correct because I have so much more knowledge now. Maybe it’s square one version 2.0? Starting over, but with a better feel for what I’m doing, where I want to go and a much clearer idea of how I’m going to get there.

I don’t regret a single choice I’ve made, but I haven’t entirely adapted to my choices either. Maybe it goes back to the post from Tuesday on owning who I am (and not what I think others think I should be) or maybe it’s just me taking the slow road to total acceptance of my journey. Maybe I haven’t taken the time to step back and look what starting over really means to me. I’m not sure. But whatever the reason, it’s time I stop hiding behind what was and own what is.

Starting on Monday, this blog will changing over to what I had hoped it would be when I decided to split the blog in two.  A new look, new features, and some other new things that will be announced next week as I finish the details on them. I am looking for some assistance with some of the changes so if you’re interested in helping a girl out with some of the following, shoot me an email!

  • Contributors that are self-employed (or soon to be), handmade business owners, dream followers, diy tutorial enthusiasts, creative/crafty types, or just generally inspired and motivated people
  • Shop owners / bloggers that would be interested in doing interviews