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Meet the new team behind A9T5 {+ some announcements}

For the past couple of months, this blog has felt disjointed and incomplete.

I was busy trying to get our new blog ready to launch. I was busy trying to get the Better Blogger Network setup and ready to launch. I was busy with planning our move (and now a “vacation” before the move) to Florida. And if I wasn’t doing something for one of these things, I was trying to study for school and complete orders for the shop. Which in the end left little time to blog like I wanted to, much less even time for me to collect my thoughts. It left me worn out, frustrated, and unsure of where this blog was headed.

For months, if not years, I had been hoping to turn this blog into a central location for all kinds of inspiration when the daily grind ends. The vision I had for the blog was something much bigger than I was though. I never had enough time or energy to learn all of the things I wanted to be a part of this blog and then be able to write about it.

So I toyed with an idea I’d had for a few months and put a call out for contributors.

And I found an amazing group of six ladies that were just as interested in making this blog exactly what I hoped it would be. With their help, After Nine To Five will be transforming into a place filled with food, crafts, business tips, photography, money saving tricks, and so much more starting next week. I am so excited for you to meet these wonderful women and see what they have to offer. I know this will allow me to bring back a lot of the things I hoped to put into the blog and then some.

You can read more about them here or visit their blogs below:

Aubrey | Kristina | Margot | Megan | Meredith | Sarah

Other Announcements:

Advertising benefits have changed, but the prices remain the same. Large ads will now have the option to be included in a group giveaway each month. We’re also donating to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for June! If you want to save a few bucks, use SAVE5 for $5 off ANY ad size.

I’m looking for some shop owners to interview! If you have a handmade shop and you’re interested in being interview, please send me an email at It’ll be great exposure for your shop!

The Better Blogger Network now has over 250 members and we’re still rapidly growing! I want to thank each and every one of you that has joined, blogged about it, mentioned us on Twitter or Facebook, sent an invite to a friend, or participating in the community in any shape/form. It’s truly appreciated! If you haven’t joined already, you should!