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All Summer Long Decor

While I love to craft, during the summer life is so much more busy! With daily walks to the park, long days and cool nights the last thing I want to be doing is being cooped up, constantly updating my decor. Sometimes you just need a break, right?

So that sparked the theme for my next few craft tutorials. What type of color palette and theme could carry throughout the summer- May through August?

Then I struck gold. {Or red, white and blue :) }

A patriotic theme would work perfectly! Memorial Day is at the end May, then the 4th of July, and then Labor Day at the end of summer.
{Some may call this lazy, but I call it resourceful… Right??}

Here are a few projects that I worked on for the patriotic theme.

First off, the wreath.

As you will see in the rest of the projects, the wreath is a bit more chic than most patriotic pieces. I like to have something a little more versatile on my door, and then the projects in my home can be as strong and loud as I wish. That’s just a personal preference thing.

Moving inside, here are a few more projects:

The Flag Window with “In God We Trust” embellished on the bottom.

The Summer Mantel with a few projects within it: (starting at the far left)

How to make your own filler rocks using stuff from your backyard:

How to make your own wooden signage:

And how to make newspaper lollies (medallions) for a “United We Stand” banner:

So, what do you think? Are you excited to do a few simple crafts and then get to enjoy the rest of your summer?

Look for these tutorials in the upcoming weeks.

Happy Wednesday!

Life Via Instagram Link-Up

We took a small trip to visit some family and go to Six Flags this past weekend. It was the first time that we were truly away from our house since mid February so it was nice to get away!

Visited the Milwaukee Domes to look at their different flowers / plants


Went out on a boat along the Milwaukee river

Went to Six Flags when it wasn’t that busy so lines were super short

Some of our favorite rides : bumper cars + the Raging Bull roller coaster

Went on the new roller coaster X-Flight | the carousel

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