5 Tips On Creating a Post Title That Works

Blog post titles that work are crucial to the success of your blog. These titles are used in search engines, RSS feeds, links from other bloggers (Twitter, Facebook, their blog, etc), and more. The key purpose of a blog post title is to convince a reader to want to read the post that you’ve written so your post title can easily make or break the success of a post so it’s truly in your best interest to craft a carefully worded post title for each and every post.

If you’re feeling really ambitious about your post title, combine two or more of these tips!

1. Meet a need

One of the easiest ways to catch someone’s attention is to meet a need of theirs. This can be done by explaining the benefit of the post to the potential reader. For example, the 5 tips posts: each title explains what you’re going to learn by reading the post and if you have a need to learn that, you’ll be interested in reading it. Help solve someone’s problem with your post and clearly, yet briefly, explain your solution in your post title.

Example: “How to Increase Sales in Your Etsy Shop”

2. Use keywords

Keywords are beneficial for two reasons: they aid in catching the attention of the reader and are critical in SEO. The keywords that are used in the post title will increase the rank for your blog for those specific words. This comes in handy when you’re hoping to reach new audiences outside of your current online social group.

Example: “How Blogging Made Me Rich”

3. Create buzz

Using keywords to catch someone’s attention is great, but there are many other ways to do this, too. Create controversy, start a debate, use words that convey the emotion behind the post, or share information that is “classified” or considered to be a “secret.”

Example: “7 Things That Every Vegetarian Should Do”

4. Ask a questions

By asking a question, you do two things: you draw in people that may have the answer to your question and you draw in the people that may have the same question as you do. Both groups of people are great for a long-lasting discussion on your blog post and if it’s on a popular topic, it’s likely to draw in readers for quite a long time.

Example: “Where should I visit when I go to New York city?”

5. Use celebrities, popular terms, and well-known brands

This is similar to creating the buzz that I talked about earlier, but mentioning name brands and popular terms in your post title is likely to draw in more readers. People much more likely to read these types of posts as they know the brand, person, or term being talked about. This is because they can already somewhat relate to the post before they’ve even clicked through to the content.

Example: “Why I Can’t Live Without Nike Shoes”

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  1. your title made me read your post:)

  2. Haha, ditto what Lauren said!!

  3. I so so so needed this! I suck with creative titles, for the most part.

    P.S. I totally agree with Lauren and Alyx, haha!

  4. I have never tried the question title. I’m going to use that one soon.

  5. Your title made me read lol. Thank you for this post. It was helpful. Ive been getting writer block recently

  6. Ooh great tips! I tend to use rather non-sensical titles, but maybe I should think about Google-ifying them a little more. ;)

  7. Oooh, I am the worst at post titles! Thanks so much for these tips :)

  8. This is THE perfect post for me to read today!! I’ve been wondering about the effectiveness of my titles and it’s always the last thing I write when writing a new post! Anyhoots great advice woman! Thanks for sharing ;)


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