Better Blogger Network Launch Date: May 15

Remember a while ago when I announced a new project called the Better Blogger Network?

A lot has happen since then and I’m even more excited about the project. :)

The interest in joining the BBN team was massive – way more than I ever anticipated honestly! Because of this, we were unable to accept everyone who applied, but we truly did have a great list of candidates to choose from. There may be more positions open in the future, depending on the growth and needs of the community so be sure to keep your eyes on the BBN blog when it launches for those opportunities. :)

We’ve also sent the launch date and it’s coming up quick – we’ll be live on Tuesday May 15th! All you’ll have to do is sign-up and then you’ll be able to access the website and start networking right away. You’ll have your own profile  along with access to a chat room, forums and a blog with tips + tricks for blogging. And that’s just where we will be starting at – we have big plans for the future, too!

We’ll be starting to spread the word through our social media sites today so be sure to start following us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with our updates for the community.

See you on May 15!


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  1. OOOOOOOOOH! Excited doesn't cover it!

  2. Can't wait!

  3. Ahhhhh, so exciting!

  4. Hi there!! I was just told about your idea from a fellow blogger. At the beginning of the year myself and another blogger started something like this. I love that someone else had a similar idea. We are still working on building our network, but unfortunately didn’t have the time to commit to growing it (it’s a lot more work than I anticipated). I am excited to watch yours come together, and perhaps we could even work together on a few projects together in the future. Come by and say hi if you’d like. The address is