Mind Block Monday: List Posts

Mind Block Monday is one of the (many) new features for After Nine To Five!

Each week, we’ll be talking about a certain type of post or a way to get out of a creative rut – basically anything that may help you when you have writer’s block. Then if you write a post with that theme or concept in mind that week, you can link up the post and find others with similar posts that week. Along with that, you’ll be able to look through past MBM posts whenever you’re in a creative rut and hopefully find some inspiration.

This week’s topic:

List posts are an easy way to create a post with a lot of information. The subject is versatile and can include a small, limited list or a vast, lengthy list. Some ideas to get you started:

  • specific topics that you are passionate about
  • facts about yourself or your life in general
  • information on your job or your entire career field
  • things you enjoy about a certain subject
  • things you dislike about a certain subject
  • places you’ve traveled to or would like to travel to
  • products you love or would like to see created
  • your favorite stores/brands/movies/bloggers/etc
  • things you wish you knew how to do
  • things you’d change about the world
  • bucket list goals
  • things you can’t live without
  • things you’d prefer to live without
  • pictures from the week or month

The list goes on and on. There’s an endless amount of information that can be shared in list form and it’s one of the best ways to draw your readers in. It’s  easy to read, quick for them to understand, and includes a lot of talking points for them to comment on. You could also encourage your readers to make a list of their own on the same topic or ask what they would add/subtract from the list you posted. If the subject that you choose to write about yields a lot of talking points for you, it could easily become a series for you to post about as well.

Some tips for the best kinds of list posts:

  • make them easy to read by numbering them or using bullets (choose one or the other), bold headings, or enough spacing to separate the ideas
  • try to have five or more list items or else the post may seem somewhat irrelevant
  • ensure that all list items are related and move any unrelated ideas to a new list
  • split long lists up (like the series posts mentioned before) to prevent your reader from giving up on a post halfway through

That’s it! List posts are some of the easiest to write and some of the most enjoyed by readers in general.

what are your favorite kind of lists to read?

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  1. I don't think I've ever met a list I didn't like. Though travel-themed lists are my favorite as of late, and make for great blog posts! Anything from where you've been, where you'd like to go, dreamy locations, or road trip ideas – it's a versatile topic and I think that's why I love that theme so much!

  2. Great tips. I do a lot of list posts and I always worry people get tired of them. Better than hammering out a long post if you don't have it in you, though! :)

  3. This is a great list. It's so easy to blog and sometimes its so so hard. Sometimes its worse for me when I have too many ideas. I can't seem to get focused. Seeing it on paper always really helps me.


  4. Fun ideas! But, then again you ALWAYS do! THANK YOU for all your help EVERY single day!!! You are awesome!

  5. You read my mind. I have been struggling with writer's block and this really helps get those creative juices flowing. Thanks for posting.

  6. Mine is FOUR items long, but so far it's working okay for me (though the series of lists IS just getting started). But four feels like a solid number to me, and it's not terribly intimidating to either write or read. :)