Mind Block Monday : Picture Posts

Each week, we’ll be talking about a certain type of post or a way to get out of a creative rut – basically anything that may help you when you have writer’s block. Then if you write a post with that theme or concept in mind that week, you can link up the post and find others with similar posts that week. Along with that, you’ll be able to look through past MBM posts whenever you’re in a creative rut and hopefully find some inspiration.

This week’s topic:

Picture posts are pretty much everywhere in the blog world today. And for very good reason. They are relatively easy to create and also add another visual to your blog to draw people in. Not only that, but they give details to your blog, your life, and post your topic that text is unable to do.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Pictures of your week (such as the Life Via Instagram linkup)
  • Your hobbies
  • A home tour
  • Your family and/or pets
  • Food related (recipes, meals you ate, etc)
  • Parks and other nearby locations
  • Vacation photographs
  • Your crafts / handmade items
  • DIY projects
  • Products you like (Etsy, name brands, etc)
  • A wish list of what you wish you could buy
  • Bucket list (places to visit, things to do, etc)
  • A day in your life
  • Old family photos
  • Some of your favorite things

There is truly an endless list of things you could photograph and share on your blog. Even if a post isn’t a picture-only post, a decent photograph can add a lot to a text-based post. Below are some tips on ensuring that your photographs make your blog posts stand out:

  • Try to keep them the same width of your layout (at minimum, all the same width even if they are not the width of the layout)
  • Ensure that there is proper lighting
  • Make sure important aspects of the photographs are visible, not cutoff, and easily noticed
  • Use high resolution photos that are made smaller instead of low resolution photos that are made bigger
  • Don’t use so many photographs that the loading time of your page drastically slows down

what are your favorite kind of pictures to view / post?

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  1. I think these series are great! too bad that more people aren't participating…