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Those Closest To You Are Your Biggest Sales People.

Make a list of the ten closest people to you. Those who believe in you, who support you and who want to see you succeed.  Whether that list is your family members, your friends, or anyone else in your support system – they are all people who care about you.  These people are all about seeing you succeed, they are going to shout your business from the rooftops if it’s going to help you succeed.

I once worked with a girl who was a massage therapist, and her mom came in for a massage – and she charged her – FULL price. When I asked her about it, she replied “I don’t care who you are, I don’t work for free.”  I was in shock because I am the total opposite. I am always giving discounts to those closest to me – especially immediate family and especially in a service based business. Why? Because those are my biggest fans.

I once taught my dad how to get rid of hiccups through an acupressure point, and you know what? He told everyone he knew the trick, and that he learned it from his daughter, who was a massage therapist, etc, etc. etc. Or one evening a friend of ours was having headaches and I spent 20 minutes on her neck – just to be nice, of course – relieved her headache and the next time a friend of theirs was complaining of pain – instant referral. And that client still pays me today, all thanks to my friend that I gave my time to.

On top of this, I use Shop items for gifts all of the time!  I made my mom a birds nest necklace for Christmas, and every time she gets a compliment on it and is asked where she got her, she tells them her daughter made it. She also tells them that her daughter has a shop online which becomes an instant referral.  I am constantly looking for referrals, and those closest are the best evangelists. Similar to this, my husband has one of our Smelly Jelly Air Fresheners on his desk at work. Every so often we replaces it with a new fragrance and I can’t tell you the amount of countless sales I have gotten from that simple thing.

Keep your ears open for people who preach products. Take a moment and think of someone you know that tells everyone he or she knows about a product or a service that they enjoyed, liked or now live by. If you can’t think of any, keep looking.  Ask around in your network of people if they know anyone who is that type of person.  And when you find that person – ask for a referral to that person (“Hey, if it comes up, I would love it if you could refer you friend _________ to me, I would love to work with her/him”) You can even offer a discount, or even give them a product (“Hey {mom} I would love it if you gave your friend {________} this product to try next time you see her!”

Now, lets go over a couple of things to keep you out of trouble:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you are a working on a new MLM company and you need to practice sharing it with other people (and not just giving your presentation in front of the mirror or the spouse), try this: “Would you mind taking 30 minutes and listening to my business presentation?  I am not asking you to sign up or be interested in my business, I could really just use some practice.”  This gives you practice AND lets them hear all about what you are doing in detail (this will help them refer people to you!), as well as, it doesn’t make anyone feel pressured.
  • Don’t give away everything.  Yes, I said give discounts to those closest to you, or as even as gifts, but only give what you can afford to give.  Draw boundaries with this as well – when giving a freebie, just say “I would love for you to try this out and give me your feedback,” but don’t make it a regular thing. Or you will start feeling used, and devalued.
  • Don’t be a beggar. Although asking for help is good, don’t become needy and expecting others to bring you business. Yes, referrals come your way, and word of mouth is a great key to business, but don’t become a someone that is constantly checking to see if anyone has a new referral all the time.  Remember: this is your business, and being grateful for any support is most important – never expect anything.

In two weeks…The Importance of Networking.

I Guess This Is Growing Up

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Over the weekend my Grandpa passed away.

My nieces were moments away from leaving from their recent two-week stay in town and I got the phone call. I hardly cried, and I haven’t shed many more tears since then. Call it shock, call it understanding, call it growing up – it still hurts.

We weren’t really close by the end of it, but I used to spend a lot more time with him over the summers. We shared a birthday and would call each other on our special days to wish the other one a happy birthday, seeing who would get there first. It was a fun game that I never really appreciated until I knew it wouldn’t happen anymore.

Those that know me well, know I don’t cope with death very well. I’d like to say I trust that people go to a better place, filled with no pain and no suffering, but I don’t. I hope for that, and I trust that if there is such a place, he’s there. But it’s still hard to imagine that come Thanksgiving when everyone gets together and holds hands before we eat, he won’t be the one saying the prayer and showing everyone the kindness and love from the bottom of his heart.

My other Grandpa passed away last year weeks before our wedding and being without a Grandpa now is a tough reminder that life really is too short. Too short to worry about things that don’t matter. Too short to hold myself back from things. Too short to doubt myself. Too short to not live or surround myself in the things, people, and work that I love doing.

Since I’ve started blogging back in October 2010, I’ve lost two Grandpas and our rabbit. I’ve had to grow up in ways I wasn’t ready to in the past 20 or so months, and it’s been such an eye-opening experience to have a place to document the emotions that felt so surreal at the time (and still do.) Life isn’t always easy and sometimes it’s really hard to navigate through it when it’s all in your head. I’m grateful to have this forum to get it down on paper, in a sense.

I don’t know what this upcoming week holds yet, but I know that it’s going be tough and long. I know that some moments will seem darker than others and sometimes it’s going to feel like it’s just too much. But knowing that ahead of time makes it much easier to be the best version of me I can be for myself and for my loved ones this week. I vow not to let this break me and to honor what I know he would want for me – to continue to live.

For the ones that sent me an email, or a tweet, or a FB message – thank you for your support. You’ve reminded me why the blogging world is such a beautiful place and why I became a part of it in the first place. If I owe you anything, I’ll get it to you as soon as possible.