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Get To Know Our Contributors: Meet Margot

This month I’m introducing you some of the After Nine To Five Contributors so you can get a feel for what goes on with their lives when they’re not writing posts for this blog. Today I have Margot (who you’ve probably seen around here for a while now) from Newfoundlander at Heart. She’s been a great friend for quite some time now and I think you’ll love her just as much as I do!

Shop Name: Knotted Tree Photography / Hooked Goods

Blog Name: Newfoundlander at Heart

On the web : Twitter | Facebook

5 random facts about you, your blog, or your shop:

  1. most people think that I live in Newfoundland, because of my blog name. However, I live in Ontario and after visiting Newfoundland and living there for one summer I wish I could really be a Newfoundlander – therefore I am only a Newfoundlander at Heart.
  2. I’ve been interested in photography since I was a little kid, and it wasn’t until other people started to comment on my photos that I realized I had a pretty good eye for composition.
  3. I started my craft shop before my photography shop, which surprises me a little since I’ve been doing photography much longer and have lots of prints to post.
  4. My favourite colour is orange, I even had an orange car for a few years!
  5. I recently became a mom (Wendel is almost two months), and everyone was so sure I’d be such a perfect mom. Even though it was something I always wanted to do, I felt totally overwhelmed in the first few weeks, and wasn’t sure I would actually make it. Of course things are much easier to handle now, and I couldn’t be happier with my little one :)

What can be found in your shop and/or blog: On my blog I share my daily adventures, always aiming for self-sufficiency. A few ways I do this are by crafting things for our home, cooking and baking food from scratch, sewing clothes, growing veggies and herbs and preserving local fresh fruits and veggies for the long winter season! My two shops are sort of a spin off of my blog. My photography shop combines my love of nature, travel and of course photography. My craft shop contains up-cycled and handcrafted items for the home, as well as some Newfoundland inspired treasures. I am currently working to add more items to my craft shop, including up-cycled totes, placemats and hooked coasters and trivets!

Where do you find your inspiration: Mostly in nature, colours, shapes, and textures are so wonderful in nature! And Newfoundland obviously provides a lot of inspiration for me :)

3 of your favorite blog posts you’ve written so far:

  1. Proud of this one because I made my own sewing pattern and it turned out so well!
  2. My Penny Pinching tips series, because I love sharing ways people can save money!
  3. One of the few posts where I opened up and shared a little about what goes on in my brain, thanks to a link-up on Ashley’s blog:

What does the rest of this year hold for you, your blog, or your shop: I signed up for my first craft show in December this year, so while I spend time at home with son (who’s currently only two months old) I hope to find enough time to make enough items.

One piece of advice you would offer to new bloggers or new shop owners: Be yourself! I think that is something that everyone says, but it is so true. If you try to be like another blogger, even one your truly admire, or try to make something for your shop because you think people like it, it will show through. You need to be yourself, and you will be happier and more productive! :)

want to save some money? margot’s sharing some promotions!

Craft Shop: promo code NEW20 for 20% off
Photo Shop: promo code WELCOME for 25% off

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