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Pump Up The Jam

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Last week, I talked about my goals for December and goal #3 was figuring out a solid work out plan. Out of all my goals, this was the one I was pretty sure I’d fail. The one I thought would take the most effort and therefore become time 967 that I said I was going to get fit and didn’t. Call me a downer. Call me a pessimist. But I was pretty sure I was just being a realist.

And then we had to go and ruin everything by joining a gym.

Last week we hopped on the “I’m going to use my spare time (that almost never exists anyway) to sweat in front of almost a hundred other people while I showcase how out of shape I am” train and honestly? I am SO excited about it.

Other than a bed for me to pass out on after I’m done working out, this gym has pretty much everything I could ever hope for in a gym and then some. Pool that’s only wide enough for two people? Check. Teeny-tiny sauna where you get to sweat your butt off while bumping shoulders with a bunch of people that are also sweating their butt off? Check. Classes that will make me even more self-conscious, but I’ll take them anyway? Check. Movie theater room with gym equipment in place of the cushy stadium seating? CHECK!

And all of these things makes me want to spend all of my free time there.

I’m already disappointed on days where I can’t make it because of my schedule or being sore from the previous day’s workout. And I’m also anticipating trying out my first Les Mills class. While these things are promising for me continuing my journey with getting fit, I know they don’t guarantee that I will stick to it. So I would LOVE any tips you guys have.

Work-out music suggestions, machines that really help you burn the calories or tone, any workout programs that you use that help keep you motivated, etc. Anything that’s helped you keep going and work towards your ultimate get-fit goal.

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