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The Sunshine State {& A Much Needed Break}

{ Florida Typography Map by CAPow }

When too many exciting things happen at once, my brain shuts down and essentially turns to mush. So all this week when I would wake up and think “x amount of days until we land in the sunshine state!” – I was already dooming myself to a week of low productivity. Throw in a possible new venture for the Gnarly Whale and any shot I had at completing my to-do list for the week was quickly diminished.

However, today is the day that all of that doesn’t matter because at some point today, I will be trading in the blustery cold snow for the humid ocean breeze! We’ll be celebrating the holidays in the Tampa area and I am SO excited because I’ve never spent Christmas outside of Wisconsin. And while I love having a White Christmas pretty much every year, they’re way overrated if you ask me. I’d trade it in for a white sand Christmas any year.

On top of that, today marks the first time ever that I’ve taken a planned break from my blog. At the start of December I was all ready to schedule out posts and have something for every day while I was gone, just like I do every other time I go on vacation. But as I thought about it, I realized that wasn’t the right move for me. My blog has become a sense of frustration for me for quite some time because it wasn’t reflecting the me I wanted it to and by filling it with guest posts or pre-scheduled posts while I was gone when all I wanted to do was focus on our trip, I was continuing that cycle.

People would be busy with the holidays and I wouldn’t be around to read the comments I appreciate being left here so why force it?

Instead, I’m taking this time to enjoy the sun and the beach while I reflect on what the new year holds for me. For my family. For my business. For my blog. I’m enjoying life and being present with those that I love and focusing on what it is that I want to be a part of – and even more so, who I want to be or at least working towards being – when January 1 rolls around. This is me taking the rest of the year off and making sure that if I do make any new years resolutions, they have purpose and meaning behind them.

So I’m wishing you the happiest of holidays and an amazing rest of 2012. See you in the new year!