Corkcicle Review + Giveaway

On Valentine’s Day, we went mostly electronics free. We did watch a movie, and we did use the iPad to find a recipe for our fondue, but phones went untouched and emails/texts/orders went unchecked. It was one of my favorite nights we’ve had together in a loooong time. To make it even better, we ate way too much food with homemade fondue and got to test out a new gadget I was given the chance to not only review, but give away to one lucky reader, too!

Meet the Corkcicle:

Corkcicle Review & Giveaway

This is probably one of the coolest things we own now. Not only is it crazy easy to use, but it’s something that you don’t have to prepare anything to use it.

All you have to do is open you bottle of wine, pour out a bit to ensure that when you put the corkcicle in it doesn’t overflow (I totally didn’t do that and didn’t read the directions so let’s just say that’s from personal experience, too.) and then slide the frozen corkcicle in. Then you’ll have chilled wine without an ice bucket and without having to go back to the fridge and/or snow whenever you want more.

We’re not really red wine drinkers, but the great thing about the Corkcicle is that it can be used for both red and white wines. Once you’re finished with it, you just rinse it off and throw it back in the freezer for whenever you’re ready to use it again. A simple, no-mess solution to keeping your wine tableside and chilled during those romantic evenings like ours. Or when you’re watching sappy movies and don’t feel like crawling out from under the blankets or setting down your Ben & Jerry’s to get up. Just sayin. If you don’t like the classic cork look, they Corkcicle comes in various colors, too!

Corkcicle in Action

And you can get your hands on one, too!

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  1. Ooh I’ve been wanting one of these! My fingers are crossed!

  2. These look so cool! I’m definitely guilty of the last minute, super embarrassing ice-cube cool down.

  3. I want one of these SO bad.

  4. I would LOVE one of these!


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