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The Sunglasses Effect

You know those people that take fashion post photos and look well put-together, totally flawless, and like they’re meant to be in a catalogue?

Yesterday finally clued me in that I’m just not meant to take photos like that. Sure, the ones above look totally normal and like I didn’t just get up from falling in the snow. But if we’re being realistic here, our sweet crazy dog did knock me over in the snow. And snow went down my pants and up my shirt. And instead of helping me get up or shield me from her insanity, my husband made sure to capture many photos like the one below.

I’d say payback is a bitch, but honestly? For those few minutes, I felt like I was ten years old again. And that is much more me than the modelesque photos that seem impossible for me to capture. Also, check out how pale I am! I’m almost albino minus the rosy red face from the bitter cold.

None of that had a lot to do with today’s post though. Other than the rockin’ sunglasses that you see in all of the photos.

Jess from the Sunglasses Shop was kind enough to provide me with a pair of Ralph Wayfarer Sunglasses to review and they are by far my favorite sunglasses. Unfortunately I’ve gone through a TON thanks to that crazy dog up there who thinks they’re the best chew toy. The detail isn’t captured all that well in the photos above, but I absolutely LOVE the purple and white stripes around the frame that give them just a bit more extra pizazz.

The Sunglasses Shop has tons of Designer Sunglasses, other types of Ralph Sunglasses, and even a place to see what sunglasses celebrities are wearing. They also carry Oakley, Gucci, Ray Ban, and more. They’re main goal is to deliver top products -including most revered and sought-after designer names – at the best possible prices and with the least amount of fuss. Low prices and fashionable frames? It’s a win-win. And if you check them out soon, you can save 25% with code 25SALE.

Definitely check them out! And while you’re at it, definitely check out this month’s sponsor K and Camera!

Happy Monday! 
How was your weekend?

While I was provided a pair of lovely sunglasses to review, all opinions are 100% my own. I truly do love the sunglasses and would highly recommend checking out the Sunglasses Shop!