Archives for March 6, 2013

Life Lately

Life has been so crazy lately. And every time I sit down to write about it, I stare at my screen drawing a huge blank like my life suddenly became dull. Any explanation for this would be much appreciated. While I’m waiting for someone to make sense of my brain, I figured I’d use pictures to show you all what’s been going on.


We’ve started on a new schedule (with a new personalized handmade planner that I dig) and diet in the past few weeks. Both are doing WONDERS for my health, mental state, and emotional well-being. It’s kept me much more focused and allowed me to live more intentionally. I hate planning, but I love planners (how does that make sense?) so this is straight-up gold for me that these are both working. We’ve started making a point to have “no work nights” and I’m pretty sure I’ve come to love them like Bilbo loved the ring.

Dining Room

On top of that, we rearranged our dining room for probably the 126th time. This may seem normal to people, but we’ve only rearranged it with the same furniture every time. You’d think there were only so many ways a table and 2/4 chairs + a little cabinet could fit into our tiny dining area space. And there very might well be – it’s just more than 126.

We also canceled cable again which has allowed us to actually utilize our dining room. This sounds like it has nothing to do with it, but it does – I promise. We’ve started having more meals at the table and actually conversing about more than who died in the latest Vampire Diaries episode or how sad HIMYM is. Okay, I lied. We still talk about these things during dinner – just not in front of the TV.

Snow Dog

We all have Spring fever around here, too. So we’ve ventured outside to play and this is the result: getting knocked down by our puppy and wondering just how much snow is going down your pants as you get attack-licked. I miss Florida.

Gnarly Whale Beach Waves

Narwhal Goodie Box

And then The Gnarly Whale. The one thing I can count on to make me overly happy and incredibly stressed out pretty much every single day. With the good comes the bad, right? We designed new labels for our 4 oz bottles and will be adding them to the shop this month along with some small 2 oz bottles for those who want true sample sizes of our products. We also created the Narwhal Goodie Box – a super discounted way to try ALL of our goodies in flavors that you love. Win, win, win. (I kept typing wub instead of win. Like 6+ times, despite there only being 3 wins. Nathan told me the other day that I get ahead of myself when I type and my brain works faster than my fingers can actually spell out what I’m trying to say. I’m pretty sure he’s right. And I’m pretty sure I don’t know how to make that stop unless I find a way to get bionic fingers?)

We’re also going to start working on our own separate e-commerce site (aka off Etsy/Storenvy) soon which I’m ridiculously excited for. More work apparently = more excitement? My logic is obviously flawed.

I guess I just needed pictures to get the words flowing.

What’s going on in your life lately?