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Spring Giveaway: Join The Fun!

Nature Spring Photograph, Lovely, Feminine, Cherry Blossoms, Spring, Park, Wall Decor, White, Soft Colours -Early Spring Morning (8x8)


Remember the HUGE V-Day giveaway? We’re doing it again this month with a different theme! If you’re interested in being a part of the giant Spring giveaway, then check out the details below on how to participate.

  • Provide an item that is somehow related to the theme (ie spring related) – this could be a gift card or a product. For instance with the spring theme – it could be pastel, it could be related to Easter, it could be used outdoors, etc. If you have a question as to if it relates to the theme or how to put a spin on something so it does relate to the theme – just ask! All I ask is that it’s $10 or more. This option gives you 3 entries of your choice – i.e. follow your blog, follow you on twitter, follow on facebook, etc.
  • Provide cash that will go towards a group gift card from Amazon. Any money received for the giveaway will go directly to the gift card and the more money that you put in, the more entries you’ll have. The money will need to be sent prior to the giveaway so we know the exact amount of the gift-card prior to the giveaway going live. This is a great way to participate if you don’t have something in mind for a themed product, don’t want to worry about shipping prices, or would like more entry options in the giveaway. The tiers for entries are as follows:
    • Up to 3 entries: $10
    • Up to 4 entries: $15
    • Up to 5 entries: $20
    • Up to 10 entries: $25

If you’re interested in participating in this month’s giveaway: please fill out this form NO LATER THAN March 22. If you’re interested in participating in a future giveaway, please send me an email saying you’d like the details when they’re available.