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Five Facts

moriza / People Photos / CC BY

Today I thought I’d share some fun facts about me by linking up with Megan

1. At my last corporate job, we had to sit through a safety meeting about driving (it was a trucking company.) The safety coordinator told us a story about a driver who was in a rush to get home for Christmas after working too many hours and ended up killing a family on Christmas Eve due to inattentive driving. I have never talked on my phone or texted while driving since then.

2. I used to run track and also played basketball in middle school. Once I went to high school, I decided I was too cool for sports and never did any of them again. To this day, I still regret walking away from track because the pain was always worth it then. Now I only live a couple of blocks from where I used to run and think about picking it up again whenever we drive by it.

3. I’ve only had one relationship where I didn’t first “meet” the person online. Everyone else I met online through chat rooms (back when AOL was around) or an online profile (ie Myspace) where it was usually a friend of a friend. I spent most of my time at home and was rather shy in public so the Internet was the only place where I found I could mostly be myself. My husband is the only person I met through an online dating website though.

4. I used to play the clarinet when I was in high school and was teased for it all the time. It led to me walking away from band, too. A few years after I graduated, I purchased a guitar and somewhat learned how to play then life got in the way. I still have the guitar and am determined to some day learn how to fully play.

5. I hate my feet. I think they’re too big and my toes are too weird. Yet I hate wearing socks or shoes so they’re almost always out in the open, even in the middle of Winter.

Happy Friday!
Share your fun facts in the comments or go link up with Megan and see how weird everyone else is ;)

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