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DIY Easy Feather Garland


This is one of those DIY posts that almost doesn’t seem like a real tutorial just because it’s so stinkin’ easy. But it’s a really cute way to add some color to your home. So without further ado: easy feather garland.


What you need:

  • feathers in the color of your choice
  • yarn in a coordinating color
  • hot glue


Cut a couple feet of yarn, depending on the size of the area where you want your garland displayed. Glue the yarn to the spine of your feather. Let it dry. Then do the same to another feather about six inches down the strand of yarn. You can alternate colors, or just do whatever you want really.


That’s really it! Hang the garland around a door frame or on a mirror or framed picture.


And some giveaway winners!

Congratulations to Laura T. for winning the Etsy giveaway and Nora S. for winning the Cafepress giveaway!

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