Pet Piece of Mind: The Tagg Pet Tracker

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If that cute face up there was a human child, she’d be considered an oops! baby. I love her and couldn’t imagine our lives without her, but we had zero plans to get a dog. Nathan had a half day off work one day and I wanted to browse the puppies in the pet store from the local humane society. Next thing we know, we’re signing papers and watching her go from peeing all over the “meet and play” area at the store to peeing all over our floor.

After many sleepless nights while she whined as we tried to sleep, busy days training her to not go potty in the house and how to properly play with our other dog and cat, and a trip to the ER room after she ate gum and a pedometer . . . we’re here. With a (mostly) well-behaved dog and without a few of our belongings that she decided weren’t needed in this house (goodbye couch arm!)


As horrible as some of those times were, nothing can match the time she decided going into the house from the car was a terrible idea and took off through our neighborhood. The feeling in the pit of my stomach as we chased after her and called to her with no luck getting her to listen. She may have been microchipped, but I knew that if she got out of our sight – there was a chance we would never see her again.Luckily for us, she absolutely loves people and decided to stop by and say hello to a nice gentleman a few blocks away from our house. 

Ever since then, we’ve been extra cautious with her. And as much as I’m sure we will continue to be, we can ease up on the overprotective parenting now that we’ve signed up for Tagg.


If you’re a pet owner and you haven’t heard about the Tagg Pet Tracker, this is a MUST-have product. Especially if you’re pet(s) are free-birds like Sookie is.

The Tagg Pet Tracker is a small GPS unit that attaches to your pet’s collar and allows you to track your pet from your phone, computer, or tablet. Not only can you get real-time updates as to the location of where your pet is, but you can also monitor their activity. Want to see if they’re getting enough sleep? Or maybe you want to know if they’ve been sleeping more lately? Easy! The Tagg Pet Tracker is the perfect tool in locating your escape artist and tracking their movement to ensure they’re living a healthy, active life.



One of our favorite things about it though is that it’s good while swimming! I won’t lie – when we first started testing out the Tagg tracker, I didn’t think this feature would be beneficial for us. Sookie has always been a little timid around water, but tends to eventually head in only far enough to get her paws wet and then back out. A trip to a local park that recently started allowing dogs there proved that she had no qualms about getting chest high in the water without any coaxing though.

She had her tracker on the entire time and we didn’t have any problems with the tracker working afterwards which was perfect. Now we can get her out on a boat next summer to visit the little sand bars and islands around here with more piece of mind about her whereabouts.


As for the set-up and use of the product, it’s incredibly easy for how much it does for you and your furry pets! Once you sign up and register (which doesn’t really take long at all) – it takes about 24 hours to be able to track their activity (sleeping time, exercise time, etc), but you can start utilizing the GPS right away. Text message alerts let you know that your pet is within 20 feet of an address and the phone application allows you to track your pet on a map as well. The attaching of the GPS unit to the collar is very easy and it’s lightweight enough that it doesn’t seem to even phase her when it’s on. We always charge it for a few hours when she’s sleeping, but it holds a steady charge (can last for up to 30 days) if you stay within the Tagg Zone that you create during set-up as the unit stays in power saving mode. And if you have multiple pets that fuel each others escape routes, they offer a discount on multiple units on the same charging base!

Bottom line? It’s exactly what pet owners that have extra curious pets need.

If you’re looking for one for yourself (or maybe a loved one that has had a similar freak-out moment to the one we had), Tagg is offering 10% off with the code TAGG10. The Tagg Pet Tracker is normally $99 with three months of free service so this is truly a great deal. Regardless of the price, having this has proven to be priceless for our overprotective ways after our incident.

Are you pets are curious as our Sookie is?

How to you keep an eye on them?

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  1. I may need to invest in this… Roscoe tends to stay pretty close to us but Monte likes to wander.