Mondays & A Crafty Giveaway

It’s official.

I’ve finally started to lose track of days on a regular basis. Friday felt like Thursday. Saturday seemed like Sunday. Sunday seemed like Wednesday until football was on.

But Mondays always feel like Mondays.

Good or bad, there is always a reminder that it’s just Monday and the official weekend is way. too. many. days. away. The good news is that we’re only a few days away from shipping out our wholesale order. And I get to introduce you to a wonderful lady that I’ve gotten the pleasure to know over the past month. She’s super creative and incredibly inspiring so keep reading!

Happy Monday!


Your name + your blog name : Kendra @ Simply {Darr}ling
Where can we find you on the web:  blog, shoptwitterfacebookpinterest, and instagram
If you had to sum up your blog in five words, what would they be : Creative, Honest, Fun, Random, Colorful
If someone wants to buy _______, they could find it in your shop : Gifts for themselves or a friend
Your perfect day would consist of :  Going out shopping and finding the perfect outfit on sale then coming home and working on some crafts. 
What is the best adventure you’ve gone on : When we were in Orlando in 2011, we were able to see the final space shuttle launch. We got up at 2 am to drive out to the coast and sit on a little island 10 miles from the launch pad. It was definitely worth the lack of sleep.  The following day was probably one of our “worst” adventures – we got to the Orlando airport to fly out to Aruba and found out that my husband’s passport had expired a month before. We ended up spending a week in Key West instead so I still have Aruba on my bucket list. 
What is something most people don’t know about you : Until I joined Pinterest and started this blog, I didn’t consider myself creative at all. I’m learning more about my creative side as I continue on this journey.

And today, Kendra’s offering you a chance to win a gift certificate to her shop!

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  1. you sound like me! I totally tried to go to the wrong class on the wrong day last week. Life just seems to blur together when it gets going, doesn’t it?

    Happy Monday!

  2. There are so many weeks that trip me up! Especially when my husband takes off of work. That always throws my week off!

    I love all of the colorful hair ties in Kendra’s shop!