Getting Through The Day

I was provided Lipton Natural Energy Tea to do an honest review of the product. All thoughts are 100% my own and I only share things I would recommend to loved ones.

These last few months have proven to be a little taxing on my energy levels. Even when I try to get enough sleep, eat the right things, and spend time moving around to get my blood flowing – it doesn’t always work with our long hours. There have been numerous times where I relied on energy drinks or sugary sweets to just power through a few more hours to get our work done.

Until I found Lipton Natural Energy Tea.


First off, I’m a tea drinker. So I was really excited to find a more natural way to get energy rather than the empty calories from the sugar and energy drinks. Even better? It’s black tea and tastes exactly like black tea. No weird flavors to add in the extra energy boost which is awesome. I like drinking black tea when it’s hot and cold, making it even perfect for those hot summer days that are long gone and even the cold winter nights that have replaced them.

I was skeptical at first about it because SO many things claim they give you more energy, yet they really don’t. (Or is that just me?) But I did notice a difference whenever I drank it. It wasn’t the bounce off the walls kind of energy that you can get from energy drinks though. I felt more alert, less likely to sit around and be lazy, and more motivated to get my work done. It’s the perfect addition to mornings that I’m just not feeling work.


are you a tea drinker? if so, have you tried Lipton Natural Energy Tea?

how do you get your energy boost on long days?

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