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If you’re new to the 7 Day Push, please check out the introduction post to get more acquainted with the idea. If you’re looking for a brief rundown instead of reading my novel of an intro, then look no further!

The 7 Day Push is a weekly theme/small step we can take to improve our life, even if it’s just for one week. Once the 7 days are up, a new challenge arises. The goal is to make you think about the little things that in the long run, turn into big things.

  • An example: spend no money week. No groceries, no going out, no shopping, etc. for a week. Obviously emergencies come up, or maybe you run out of gas and need it to get to work. That’s fine. The main point is to quit the frivolous spending. For 7 days, you spend no money and then the hope is that after the 7 days, you think a bit more about what you’re purchasing.

It is also a community of bloggers that are taking on these challenges. Maybe not every week. Maybe not even once a month. But every once in a while, they want to take a week to improve their lives along with the rest of us.

Challenges run from Sunday to Saturday, new themes being announced a week in advance to those on the mailing list or on the beginning Sunday on my blog. You’re able to link up your theme related posts each week and I encourage everyone to check out all of the other participants to help encourage and motivate each other. The hashtag #7DayPush can be used on Twitter for theme/challenge related posts.

Current participants in the 7 Day Push:

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