Big Blogger, Little Blogger Update

The sign-ups are now closed and we had close to 240 people sign-up!

By the end of the week, all big and little bloggers will receive an introductory email to the program. It’ll include information about how we’ll be doing the matches along with some basic information on how the program will work (most of which was covered in the first blog post about the program.) Then after that, the match-ups will begin starting next week.

Starting in September/October, we’ll be adding some extras to the program such as:

  • Big/Little Features
  • A central group location where all Bigs and Littles can discuss blog-related things
  • A gift exchange
  • An ad swap directory for all Bigs and Littles willing to swap ads with program participants
  • And probably some more fun things!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

– – –

A lot of people have asked if there be another sign-up . . .

As you saw above, we have a HUGE list of people and unfortunately not everyone will be matched right away. Until we get the list of unmatched people down to a manageable size, we will not be opening up the sign-ups. Once we get to that point, I’ll post an update about it on the blog!

Big Bloggers, Little Bloggers: An Introduction

There are two things that I really love in this world that I don’t get to do as much as I’d like to: impact someone else’s life in a positive way and create meaningful relationships with people. These two things are not mutually exclusive, but I often feel like I don’t make enough time to do either one of them. And I thought it was time to change that.

Something I’ve always wanted to do that would allow me to do these two things was be a Big Sister to a child in need. But between all of my current responsibilities, I didn’t feel like I could easily meet their time requirements on a regular basis and I would be crushed to let the child down. So I pushed it off, hoping there would be a right time for it. It’s still not quite the right time, but I still wanted to make an impact somehow.

So I asked myself how I could do that and came up with a way that I could impact someone else’s life and give others the opportunity to do the same. And that brings me to a new feature/project: Big Bloggers, Little Bloggers.

Big Bloggers, Little Bloggers is a fairly simple concept: a program designed to partner up experienced bloggers with newer bloggers. Everyone will be pair up with one other person that best suits what they need or what they are able to offer.


As a Big Blogger, you’ll be helping a Little Blogger with things like:

  • Growing their audience
  • Improving their blog design
  • Helping them market themselves
  • Sharing tips and tricks you’ve learned along the way
  • Teaching them how to best use social media
  • Editing images
  • And whatever else they may need

The process is easy:

  1. sign up as a big or little blogger.
  2. be matched with a big or little blogger, depending on what you sign up as.
  3. communicate with them on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly (whatever works for you both) basis
  4. create a long-lasting friendship while you help each other grow in different ways

If you’ve been blogging for over 6 months but still feel like you have more to learn and would prefer to sign-up as a little, go for it! The guidelines were set as standards for most bloggers, but this is all about where you feel like you’re at in blogging. Sign-up where you feel you fit in best!

If there are not enough big bloggers to match up everyone right away: we will match up people as best as possible. If a match can’t be made right away, then littles will be put on a waiting list with the option to contact me with questions until a match is made. :)


we’ll be accepting forms until monday august 13th which is when we’ll begin matching up everyone!

 – – – –

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