I’m Kaylee Hinrichs – an independent artist/designer working in Escazu, Costa Rica. Originally from Arizona, I attended The New School for Arts and began my art career in my hometown. My artworks and paintings have been displayed in numerous galleries, museums, art shows, and belong to special collections. While I was in Arizona, I spent a lot of time sharing my art with local communities, and teaching techniques to young students and fellow artists.

When I moved to Costa Rica in 2010, I needed a space to share art and teach others to be creative. So, I started the art/craft blog, “Birch & Bees”, featuring beautiful art, interviews with creatives, inspiration, DIY tutorials, and handmade goods. The ultimate purpose of Birch & Bees is to make art accessible to everyone, and to provide the tools/inspiration for everyone to explore their creative side.

Inspired by the animal life and natural world of my new home, I started a series of watercolor paintings of surreal-colored animals. I sell my original artworks in the Birch & Bees ArtShop, and offer custom paintings, to folks worldwide. My artwork explores the issues which interest me most; nature, color use, vegetarianism/animal rights, equality issues, shape/form, and symbology.

When I’m not painting or blogging, I’m usually; brainstorming fun DIY’s, drinking lots of coffee, discovering new artists, in photoshop, crafting, visiting art shows, playing with my dogs, or plotting my next big project.


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